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Paramhansa Yogananda taught healing principles of body, mind and soul. I’ve included many of these in the book, Divine Will Healing.

Divine Will Healing

Divine Will Healing

His teachings include lessons on healing with prana, right diet, sunlight, divine energy, affirmations, and much more. He also mentions we need to stay balanced, and to “keep the body fit for God realization.” Don’t worship health, in other words. Worship God, and see health as worthwhile upkeep for your bodily temple. In that spirit, he did recommend keeping up with new knowledge of how to take care of one’s health.

This is especially pertinent now, because we have received numerous prayer requests over the past year for people who had lung infections, and other diseases, that were not helped by antibiotics. It then becomes a serious problem. This has become more common, as you probably have read in the news. The best protection is to keep your immune system strong using his many principles of health and healing, for body, mind and soul.

Many of you on the Ananda Healing Prayer Council have said, “Mary, please tell people about this herb, or such and such healthy food, etc.”

Here is your chance to tell each other. Let’s see how it goes. I’d especially love to hear your enthusiastic reports on applying Yogananda’s teachings on health. For instance, some of you have told me about great benefits you have received from Yogananda’s 9 day cleansing diet, as well as using the Heliotropics techniques. I’ll write on some of these things soon, because our own understanding is increased when we see how others have applied these teachings. It makes it more real for all of us.

To your health!

Mary Kretzmann

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Prevent Flu with Sunlight and Vitamin D3

Swine Flu Vaccines and vitamin D3

PS. And below are some of my own health tips. I will add to this list gradually:

1) Our family has benefited from drinking home made kefir – made by yours truly…

Here is a great website for it: This man, Dom, lives in Australia and he is also a healer. He has been selfless in his effort to make the kefir grains available around the word.Click here for: Dom’s Real Kefir Insite

Homemade kefir has a very high probiotic value that is much more powerful than yogurt. Paramhansa Yogananda sometimes mentioned cultured milk products, such as “clabber” – made from raw milk that has been allowed to sour 24 hours.  Clabber made from raw milk would have the highest probiotic content of all.

2) And I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Craig Roberts, at his web site: He has been noted by Well-sphere as a “top health blogger.”  Craig, a chiropractor, is a wonderful source of health information and is also a member of Ananda, with his wife and 3 daughters. Craig has helped many members of Ananda Village, and the surrounding area, with his care. His newsletter offers a wealth of trustworthy, holistic health tips.

To your health!

Mary Kretzmann


A healing affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda:

Focus deeply at the spiritual eye, and repeat three times:

“I will with my own will, which flows from the divine will, to be healthy to be well, to be prosperous and spiritual, to be well, to be well.”


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