Anandaprem: update

Dear Ones,

I received this update today from Ananda Palo Alto.

Anandaprem’s fever is still high as of today, Tuesday. Thank you for your prayers…


Mary Kretzmann

PS – for original message, please click here


To Ananda Palo Alto Members, Monday evening

Dear friends,

Well, it seems our sister has gotten herself into a bit of a medical mess.

We found out today that she has a fungal infection in her blood and in her kidneys, and it is really taking her on a bit of a roller coaster ride.  It is unclear exactly how she acquired this bug but the docs were immediately on top of it with the appropriate antibiotics and other medical support.  Still, she is quite ill in the moment and needs our prayers.  I did tell her today just how much love poured through emails after people received our update yesterday.  She said, “I am very touched”.


She is remaining exquisitely calm and inward as her fevers climb and this fungus tests her.  Always the true yogi.

Right now her children are staying very close.  It is amazing to feel all of the best qualities of Anandaprem so alive in Brian and Danielle.  They are there day and night, and it seems to be a great comfort to her.  They each have her calm intuition and wide open heart.

As I write they are composing a note to let us know what they want/need with regard to our being there.  They are aware that she needs to have her spiritual family close and that she also needs lots of quiet, and the room to stay inwardly focused to heal.  As soon as they send that note we will make plans for supporting them.

Let us all pray that the masters are with her and all of the staff at El Camino Hospital involved in her care.




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