Chapel Prayer Wall

Visit in spirit the Chapel at Crystal Hermitage. Offer your heart and prayers to God, Christ, Guru. Leave a prayer for yourself, the world, your country, town, pet, or any concern.

Chapel in the Crystal Hermitage garden

Chapel in the Crystal Hermitage Garden

Ask Divine Mother’s blessing on your prayer as you write in the comment section, below.

Swami Kriyananda blessed this chapel many times, and divine healing has happened here.  Some happened while Swamiji was leading the Festival of Light in the Chapel.

Enter the Chapel, and feel the Peace

Enter the Chapel, and feel the Peace

Members of the Ananda Healing Prayer Circle will see this page, and offer up healing light and love.

Divine Mother listens to your prayerful heart, always. Stay in the Light.

“Lord, give us Thyself, that we may give Thee to all.”

In Divine Love,

Mary Kretzmann

PS. To request prayers on the regular Healing Prayer List for one month, please click here: “Healing Prayer Requests”

Crystal Hermitage Chapel:music: “Love Is The Dawn Of Understanding”  by Swami Kriyananda (healing, inspiring and comforting)

(Newest prayers are posted at the top of this list.)

116 Responses to “Chapel Prayer Wall”

  1. Gabrielle Says:

    Anything that annoys you is teaching you patience. Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand on your own two feet. Anything that angers you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion. Anything that has power over you is teaching you how to take your power back. Anything you hate is teaching you unconditional love. Anything you fear is teaching you courage to overcome your fear. Anything you can’t control is teaching you to let go.

    I pray for this world every day. People have lost touch with there higher spiritual selfs, the divine within us all. God lives within us all. Namast’e. There is evil and there is divine. Evil is Satan ( greed, sorrow, lies, depression, fear, anger, anxiety, delusion, jealousy) and The divine is GOD (joy, peace, compassion, forgivness, happiness, kindness, love, empathy, equanimity).
    May everyone be mindful, ask questions and let your heart guide you, have no fear (F.E.A.R false evidence appearing real.) You are stronger than fear. Let god, the divine be with us all.

  2. Sony Says:

    pls pray for me. my financial problems are becomming worse by the day. the expenses are mounting and there is no inflow of money. all the doors are shut. pls pray that our lord opens some door for finances to come in. pls pls pray for financial blessings on our family. its becomming very difficult day by day.

  3. David Athanasius Says:

    Please pray and ask for miracle do happen soon for me in a very special way as I facing a very bad broken relationship with my very best friend by the name of SETH TAN. Please pray that God will grant the grace of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. Pray that we will become a good friend again. May God make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. God, please touch the heart of my friend Seth so that he will forgive and come back to me again. AMEN.

  4. Sharon Burns. Houston, TX Says:

    “I thought many times before getting into your web site. I thought you were a scam. My sincere apologies. I contacted you because my personal life was upside down. My husband for 5 years was going in the wrong direction. He got attracted by a mysterious woman at work, and moved with her for 4 months. I told you my problem, and after a couple of weeks I received your package things started to be as before. He came back to our house saying he doesn’t know what happened, and he was sorry about leaving. Our relationship is stronger than ever. Thanks wow you are good

  5. Geetanjali Dadhwal Says:

    Hi Will you Plaese ??….Please ?? pray for my friend and ex classmate ” Dhaval Lekhi ” who suffered a brain hameorrhage and is recuperating in a Hospital in Australia ….He was a very very bright and diligent student with a great personality now he is paralysed and suffers from co -ordinaton problem …His family is in great pain and difficulty !! He needs urgent prayers and healing !
    In this hour of distress plaese pray for his speedy recovery to good heatlth ~~~~~~~
    In the name of Lord Jesus Christ I ask your intervention to save his life and bless him and his family !!


  6. michelle marie Says:

    please pray for michelle that she will be healed of intestinal yeast infection, abdominal gas, and a hernia

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Please pray that Jane Marie Livoto will end her vendettas and hostilities and receive the love and acceptance that her Divine Mother and her family has been striving to show her all of her life.

  8. Mary Says:

    Please, Blessed Mother, a miracle is needed for my son and his children. And Thank You, for I know your hand is upon them. Amen. Amen. Amen. Mary

  9. Lisa Says:

    please prayer for my mom recovering from spinal injury (Dede)
    she is able to walk now, for full recovery…for healing of pain and her ability to live her life with the support of family and friends.
    Please let her feel loved and get what she needs to help in her healing process..strength and mobility

  10. Nicole DeAvilla Says:

    Please pray for Sue F. She will have her right knee replaced on Monday, November 15. She has asthma, is recovering from a fungal infection in her throat and other conditions that will make her healing process more challenging. Pray for her and the doctors, and all involved in her operation and recovery.
    Thank you and Blessings,

  11. Jagrav Says:

    Please pray for my brother Rod. He’s admitted himself for rehab treatments for alcohol abuse after many years of suffering. This is a very crucial time for him. He has had a set back in the facility he is in and is considering leaving treatment. Please pray for God’s help in his struggles to free.

  12. marykretzmann Says:

    Madison K. She is at Long Beach Children’s Hospital
    and is 18 months old. She has been in the ICU for the past week.
    Doctors say she has para influenza 3. The fever has been causing her to have unexplainable multiple seizures. The seizures continue even when she doesn’t have a fever. They have ran every test possible – including MRIs, CAT scans, spinal taps, blood work, brain monitoring and still cannot find the cause of the seizures.


  13. marykretzmann Says:

    Niko, male, age 16 –
    for blessings and healing in body, mind and soul

  14. marykretzmann Says:

    Kaleb H., 7 years old
    hospitalized in Reno, NV

    He fell from a High Dive Saturday, June 26, about 5:30
    on the left side of his head on to the concrete. He survived with three fractures in his scull and still has feeling and movement in all his body. He was in Carson City was airlifted to Reno. There is an indentation behind the left ear and the brain is bruised in that area.

    He was not expected to live and amazed the Doctors by talking and asking for something to eat. All the family was allowed in the ER as his condition would normally not be survivable.

    Please see his brain and entire being filled with healing Light.

    • marykretzmann Says:


      Good news!
      Kaleb was moved from ICU to Pediatrics about 1/2 hour ago and can walk! an there is no swelling of the brain! The miracle continues!

      The accident happened as he was trying coordinate a jump with someone on the lower board and stepped off towards that person and board.

      From Facebook: Kaleb is doing awesome! He’s been awake most of the morning and we even got him laughing. Physical therapy had him get out of bed. He walked around the bed but was hurting. He’s gonna be sore for a while. Later on today he gets to be moved to the regular peds unit.


  15. marykretzmann Says:

    Matthew T. – young man (20’s) collapsed at work, found to have multiple cancers; for healing on all levels…

  16. marykretzmann Says:

    from Tracy Anderson:

    Hello Dear Souls,

    Please keep my husband Dave in your prayers this morning during his hand surgery from 1030-1230 and for his recovery. He had a deep, long cut from his palm thru the length of his right thumb from a metal handle that broke on a cast iron juicer. Pray for his healing of mind, body, and spirit. I will send more when the surgery is over.

    Blessings and joy,

    • marykretzmann Says:

      UPDATE from Tracy:

      Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Dave, who is out of surgery and beginning to recover.

      I just spoke with the surgeon and he said when he opened the wound, the tendon was cut, digital artery was cut, scarred the digital nerve on the thumb/radial side, and cut the digital nerve on the pinky/ulnar side which splits into 3. He has done his best to repair 1 of the nerves in that bundle of 3. He stitched up the longitudinal line of the laceration that runs perpendicular to the bends of the knuckle (on the palm side of the thumb), but was unable to change the line of the cut do to its depth. If the thumb does not bend properly after occupational hand therapy that begins on Friday, another operation may be needed. He’ll be in a splint with the thumb held straight, but can walk, exercise, with the dressing on the site for the next week.
      Your continued prayers are appreciated for his speedy recovery.

      Joy to all,

      • marykretzmann Says:


        Dave’s thumb is healing well. He’s not able to bend it well, so a second operation maybe planned in about six months to remove the scar tissue, and create a “z-plasty” zig-zag type cut to allow the joint to bend and function. In the meantime, he’ll continue with hand therapy with an OT. We deeply appreciate all of your prayers, support, and love! Joy to you all, Tracy

        Thank you Mary! Master’s blessings to you, Tracy

  17. marykretzmann Says:

    This came in earlier today:

    Dear ones,

    Please pray for my mother, Rosemary Smithhisler. She has a very low heartbeat and is being Careflighted to the hospital in Lubbock, TX for an emergency pacemaker operation.

    Bless you all,

    Mark Smithhisler
    (Member of Ananda Dallas)

    • marykretzmann Says:


      “She has a temporary pacemaker right now & was waiting to see the heart doctor to learn more about her next step. Meanwhile, she’s resting & waiting!”

    • Rod - Dallas prayer group Says:

      She is scheduled for surgery Wed morning at 7a.m. central. It shouldn’t take very long and is a simple procedure. We expect things to go really well. Mark is heading out Wed afternoon to be with her and his siblings for a few days. Thanks so much for all your prayers!!!!! Will keep you posted but it is all looking very positive!

    • Dallas prayer group Says:

      Latest with Rosemary is that the surgery was postponed this a.m. because they said they couldn’t implant in the area they had hoped to due to her prior tuberculoses surgery (?). In other words for some reason apparently the planned site isn’t suitable. They are going to need to prep another area and then do surgery hopefully tommorrow. Didn’t talk to anyone directly (text message) Mark hopes to get more info soon. His mom is doing fine though. Still stable.

    • Dallas prayer group Says:

      Just wanted to let you know the surgery will be attempted again Thursday morning at 7. Apparently they actually tried to do the surgery this morning but found their pathway blocked with scar tissue from her former bout with TB. So hopefully when they go in on the other side tomorrow all will work out. Thank you and everyone for their prayers! So appreciated!
      Mark is on his way now to Lubbock and should be there this evening.

    • Dallas prayer group Says:

      This update arrived today –

      Everything went great with the surgery and Rosemary is doing well.She is expected to go home sometime tomorrow evening. Thanks to everyone for their prayers! The support has meant the world in every way you can think of!

      Maitri and Mark

  18. marykretzmann Says:

    This just came in to me via e-mail:

    Dear Ones,
    Please pray for Susan R., 42 years old living in Hawaii. She slid of a cliff and has injuries to her spine and neck. We are awaiting more news.
    God Bless You
    Sylvia Surrette
    (prayer council member)

  19. Patti Says:

    Pray for my dad. He will soon decide on two radiation therapy types whether to go for whole brain or targeted/local brain radiation. Pray for the best choice for him. Pray for healing on him ~ spirit, mind, body, emotion, & soul. Thank You for the prayer which means alot to me.. and Thanks to God! May God Bless U~ PP

  20. Joy Andreakis Says:

    I ask for prayers for my co-worker, Pat Hoefling, 58 years old, who will be making her transition soon. She was being treated for lung, brain, and bone cancer when she had a stroke this past Easter weekend. Her family is trying to get her into hospice, but is having trouble with insurance issues. May Pat and her family be blessed and guided by Divine Light, love, and peace during this sacred time.
    May they all be receptive to the perfectness of Spirit in their heart and soul. Om, peace,

  21. Renee Says:

    Please pray for my husband Mike. He feels stuck in his job. He works in a very buisy clinic by himself and often can’t take a break, even to eat. His supervisors know about the problem but have not found a solution yet. He is looking for another job. We have a daughter in college so his current job provides a good income. He is very exhausted, frustrated and a little depressed over this situation.
    Thank you.

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Dear Renee,

      We will pray for you and your family. You might greatly benefit from this free e-booklet I wrote for people in similar situations. I highly recommend that you print it out and use it like a workbook.
      Opening to Divine Abundance, by Mary Kretzmann

      There are many suitable prayers and affirmations, so you can take transforming steps every day to make your goal a reality. Also – through the power of prayer and positive thinking – it is quite possible that they all will find a way to make his workload more humane. This could come in many ways – so open to the possibilities, and pray and affirm.
      Please keep in touch and let me know how things go.
      We will pray.

      God bless you.

      Mary Kretzmann

  22. marykretzmann Says:

    Please pray for Stefan Radu – Atlanta, GA – age 17 months: he just had brain surgery to remove a large and dangerous tumor which threatened his survival; the tumor was NOT cancerous. – the surgery went very, very well – please pray for his recovery from the surgery; 1% of the tumor was left behind and he will need radiation n chemotherapy…

    Parents: Dr. Liviu Radu and Monica Radu.

    He is the nephew of Jim and Corina Benesch, of Reno, Nevada. They are dedicated members of the Healing Prayer Ministry. I’ll ask Corina to keep us updated in the reply field, below


    • marykretzmann Says:


      Dear Mary,
      Here is the baby with his mom, my sister-in-law.
      He is out of ICU and in rehab now, they will try to strengthen him up a bit and check everything that needs to be checked so that he could start chemo by the end of the next week.
      Love and blessings, Corina

    • Kalyani Todd Says:

      Hi, Folks,

      I was not able to see the photo of you and Stefan. Can you send it to my email address, when you have time?

      I pray for you and Stefan, and see God acting through this experience. Nothing is bad. God is working, His glory to proclaim, even through our trials.

      Love, Kalyani

  23. marykretzmann Says:

    Virginia Getek age 85 in Syracuse, NY is being rushed to the hospital now after passing out and making strange noises and being cold and clammy. She has a history of high blood pressure and heart problems and dementia. Please send her light and healing, and if it be so, a peaceful passing unless divine grace wills her to stay on this plane awhile longer.

    -her grandson
    John A Graves

    • marykretzmann Says:


      Greetings, I have an update on my grandmother Virginia Getek. She has recovered!!! She had a blood clot in her lung which the doctors were able to remove and now she’s back to her evening bingo! She’s off the medication too….for the time being.
      Many Blessings.

  24. marykretzmann Says:

    Jerry Harold, Kaye Gordon’s husband, in his 60’s, just passed away today at 1:15pm EST in The Villages, Florida. See his soul surrounded in Light.

    Kaye has been involved with Ananda for many years…please keep her in your prayers…

    In His Peace,

  25. Nicole DeAvilla Says:

    Please pray for my mother, Dee Ann, age 70. She is very sick with sore throat, fever, sinus infection, pink eye, and sometimes it feels painful to breathe. We think she might have pneumonia. She is reluctant to go to a doctor for two reasons. First because she is allergic to antibiotics, pain killers and preservatives (often found in medicines and hospital food). Also her doctor is 70 miles away and she does not know who to go to locally in her small town. Added to her stress is that she is the main care taker for her parents, Edith, age 91, living in an Alzheimer’s care home and recently ill with a heart problem (we think) and Joe, age 92, still living in his own home.

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Dear Nicole,

      We will pray!
      And – just so you know, some people here at the Village finally found relief from this nasty bug by taking cayenne. Capsules are the easiest way to take it, of course – with food preferably. I took the hottest version and it gave my body the umph it needed to get over it. However, some people prefer to start with a cooler version of cayenne. It is all relative! – but you will see some bottles marked this way at the health food store.

      • Nicole DeAvilla Says:

        Thank you for the prayers. My mother saw a doctor, does not have pneumonia, and the doctor found a new class of antibiotics that so far she has been able to take and she is feeling much better.

        Please pray for my grandmother, Edith, (I think that some of you may have been praying already for her because her life threatening situation has turned around). It turned out that she had internal bleeding ( a few individuals dropped the ball in her care) and it was not discovered until she had lost quite a bit of blood. However, by the time she was hospitalized, the ulcer had healed it self. She is back at her memory care home now. They will need to carefully monitor her for awhile, to be sure that it does not happen again and that she gets her strength back quickly.

        And thank you Mary for the Cayenne suggestion. I am sending some capsules and other items in a care package to my mother.

        • marykretzmann Says:

          Dear Nicole,
          We will pray for you grandmother, Edith. She has been on the list – so I am glad to know the crisis has passed. Send me an e-mail if you need a renewal on the regular list…
          BTW – not to sound like an apothecary- but it turns out that the turmeric tea can be very helpful for ulcers. It was even written up in a medical journal.

  26. marykretzmann Says:

    Please pray for Tanis S., London England; mid 40’s – sciatica pain.
    She is the younger sister of Stephen Sturgess – our center leader in London. I wanted to get this posted to get her a few extra prayers…


  27. Krishna Says:

    please pray for my brother Sooriadeo Ramchurn 56yrs (Mauritius) who just recovered from a stroke. he partially lost memory and feeling very down. his blood pressure is not stable.

    thanks and god bless

  28. Marianne Says:

    Please pray for Bridget Munford. age 36 two children. Has cancer in her breast and in some of her lymph nods. She is starting chemotherapy this week. Please pray for strength for body mind and spirit. also for the courage to trust in Divine Mothers plans for her.

  29. Mother with Faith Says:

    prayers are needed for my daughter Krystal DeLaCruz who has a staph infection on her left leg that antibiotics are not working.

    • marykretzmann Says:

      We will pray for her…please stop by soon and let us know how she is doing…

      I am adding your full prayer request here – (It was on the prayer group page – but more people will see it here…)

      Mary Krezmann

      prayers are needed for my daughter Krystal DeLaCruz who has a staph infection on her left leg that antibiotics are not working.
      Please anyone out there pray for her leg to heal.
      Prayers can cast out any evil infections.
      God Bless you

      • Mother with Faith Says:

        Thank you all for prayers for Krystal, her wound after 24hrs. is looking better, less drainage, truly prayers are a miracle.

        God Bless you for all your prayers!
        Mother of Faith

      • Annalisa Rishika Says:

        Dear Mary Krezmann I have a problem of this kind I had rented my house in the country is the place Fabiasco has created immense problems I rented to a guy when I went to see the house had hung on the wall mask of the devil really was so , and we have I kicked out the tenant who was in the house then we rented through an agency to avoid falling into similar things and we met diffccoltà still rented to a family that seemed normal but then he lost his job and she had a young son and did not never paid the rent now say they will go out May 15 we went to my mother’s cousin Vannetti lawyer Maurizio who did not defend my mother, but I do not work and the house we needed affittta Whenever my mother suffers from everything that has happened his heart is affected is older I wonder if we pray that on 15 May, the story ends well that these tenants who say they have found a home in the cumune let them go into your new home

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