Anandaprem – Improving

Dear Ones,

This update come to us today, Wednesday


Mary Kretzmann

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To Ananda Palo Alto Members, Wednesday morning

Dear Friends from around the world,

First let me say that last night I shared many of your emails with Anandaprem and she was very moved by them. She is alert enough now to know we are all praying for her and sending all of this love her way. She told me she feels it all.

She seemed to make a turn for the better yesterday. For the first time she was awake, alert, making jokes, enjoying her visitors (few) and her family. I was there very late last night so this note is current, and it was a joy to see her doing so much better.

She remains in what is called the Progressive Care Unit where there is a higher nursing to patient ratio, and therefore the care is much improved from a regular medical floor. Her fevers continue to rage a bit, but that is to be expected, as it takes some time for the drugs to get on top of the fungus. While she is in no way out of the proverbial woods, she took a big step forward yesterday. Her Vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels) have all stabilized in good ranges, and she is taking food, which is a very big deal.

Our prayers are working!

Please continue to pray for Anandaprem and for everyone involved in her care, including so many from our own Ananda family who are selflessly giving of their time to make sure she is always in this healing vibration. We live amongst angels.




One Response to “Anandaprem – Improving”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    That was is March 2013 ……….when did you start displaying my e-mail ?

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