Anandaprem: “radiant”

Dear Ones,

I received this update today – thank you for your prayers…


Mary Ketzmann

PS – for previous update, please click here:

Anandaprem – Improving


To Ananda Palo Alto Members, Saturday morning

Dear Friends,

Biraj, Lahari, and Dambara visited Anandaprem yesterday and were able to read many of the touching, love & prayer-filled messages to her that have come her way from around the world.  She closed her eyes as she listened, and smiled as if she were absorbing the sweetness of the love and joy being sent to her.  By all reports she looks radiant!

She sat up most of the day and is now untethered from all I.V. drips.  She also walked around the room with the help of the Physical Therapist who will help guide the next decision: does she go to a Rehabilitation Facility for some days; or, will she be strong enough to go home, or to her daughter’s home, on Sunday.

As we experience this nearly miraculous turnaround, we see with great clarity the power of Divine Mother’s love and our prayers.

Please continue to hold her in your prayers.  This hospitalization started around two different surgical procedures that will still need to happen once everyone feels she is strong enough to have them done.






One Response to “Anandaprem: “radiant””

  1. Bill Nelson Says:

    Thank you Divine Mother

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