Healing Book

I will be writing articles based on insights and experiences from the last 20 years of serving as director of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry.

1.) Questions and Answers about Healing Prayers

2.) Divine Protection, Psalm 91

3.) Psalm 23 in the Chakras

4.) Healing Prayers with Children excerpt from book on family

5.) Health Tips(book: Divine Will Healing, plus more)

6.) Opening to Divine Abundance, by Mary Kretzmann

7.) Spiritual Tools for Material Success

8.) Praying for Suicide Victims

9) “Thou Art With Me,” By Mary Kretzmann: Psalms 23 in the Chakras, and Psalm 91; Jesus Prayer Meditation; and The Beatitudes, By Swami Kriyananda

10) More articles on healing at ananda.org

Click here to see my full list of articles

Healing Prayers

If you would like to submit a prayer request for immediate attention by the prayer ministry, please click on this link, below:

“Healing Prayer Requests”

The above link gives us a good way to reach you for follow-up on your prayer requests.

God bless you.


Mary Kretzmann

Extra Inspiration:

Revelations of Christ: Swami Kriyananda 3 min. video on:

“What methods do you suggest for inner communion with Christ?”

Samadhi by Paramhansa Yogananda


6 Responses to “Healing Book”

  1. Rev.Michael Sherbert Says:

    Beloved Mary,
    Thank you for Samadhi by Paramhansa Yogananda. What A Wonderful & Moving Meditation.



  2. nick jones Says:

    I am a toy in the universal mind..thx for sharing love u mary!

  3. marga Says:

    HI Mary,

    I just finish watching Samadhi. it’s really well done! and very inspiring.

    Thank you for having it in your site. I didn’t know it existed.


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