Laughing Bodhi

If nothing else – be sure to scroll down for the short youtube of “Laughing Bodhi”!

Dear Friends,

This is a personal sharing… It may help others, too.

People often ask how I am doing… What can I say? There is grief, love and joy altogether… and it pushes me, and make me open up to God even more… It almost leaves no choice, for it is such an astonishing gap adjusting to life without Tim here in our lives… One can either shrink from it all, or try to rise into the Infinite Spirit – to reach his love there…

My son, David, sent me a link to this song yesterday… It touches my heart very much right now… My heart sings it continuously to God & Guru and to Tim’s expanded soul…

Your heart as wide as the world… Holding me in your arms’ vast embrace… Only love shining in endless space …All I need is to be with you… All my prayers have been heard… All I want is to rest inside Your heart as wide as the world …I looked away Your beauty too much to bear …Where could I run? Your eyes, I found them everywhere… All I want is to sing to you The song that no one has heard All my life has lead me to A heart as wide as the world Shree Raam Jai Raam Jai Jai Raam

And Bodhi’s laughs and smile helps us all so much…

Love and Blessings to you all,

Mary Kretzmann

Laughing Bodhi





4 Responses to “Laughing Bodhi”

  1. Nayaswami Jikai Says:

    Lovely, lovely ,
    lovely, Jikai

  2. victoria hansen Says:

    Dear Mary,   I loved David’s song. I’d really like to have a CD of it so that I can sing it all of the time too. I was in an efficient business mood checking and putting out emials, and when I heard him sing, I was transported!! Is that really David singing? What a great mello, sweet, rich voice and the song is a forever keeper of the heart! Thank you for sharing him and Laughing Bodhi. Wish I could get a copy of that song. Maybe there’s a way to download it, huh? What joy, victoria

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Hi Victoria,
      Sorry for the confusion – that is performer named “Krishnadas” – David sent me the youtube… But David does sing some of his songs. You could look up “Your heart as wide as the world…” and download that. I’m glad you liked Laughing Bodhi too.

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