Questions & Answers about Healing Prayers


Mary:  Is it ever wise to contact (letter) any one of those being prayed for?  I’m thinking of Kathy, specifically.


(Sent in by a member of the Ananda Healing Prayer Council, regarding a person on her new prayer list)

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

The Instrument Is Blessed By What Flows Through It

Dear Barbara,

Thanks for writing. Great question!

In answer to your question: Normally, no…
Do you know her? If so, I would still be careful…because you learned the information via this prayer list.

But here is something you can do, in prayer. First visualize her surrounded in the healing light of God, Christ, Guru. Fee that she is being bathed in that all-knowing Healing Light and that it can guide her process.

Once you are feeling the grace and blessing of holding her in that Light, you can also hold up to the Light the special thoughts that you feel may be helpful to her at that time. Feel that you are allowing the healing Light to guide your process. This is extremely important. Sometimes when I am counseling a  person, or doing a healing session, something may make sense to to me to say to them at that time…but sometimes I may feel the energy in my spine go down as I think of mentioning it. This does not mean my idea was therefore “wrong” – in fact it still makes total sense. But it does mean it is not a helpful idea for the person right now. Sometimes they may simply need a compassionate embrace – not a helpful idea – right then.

So – trust the prayer process, but also be creative with it. As willing healing instruments, we can tune in and be of great help to people. Many of us also practice some sort of counseling or healing, so it is normal to want to switch to that familiar hat, to help people in that way, as well. Normally, however, we must resist the urge, for 3 reasons.

1) this is a healing prayer service, primarily, and prayer is very powerful
2) they may not be the one who requested the healing prayers
3) Sometimes when I think people may really need my insights – I still find they are helped far more than I expected by God’s grace through the prayers. For instance, I may offer the advice, but they have not had time to apply it, and yet I find that they are instantly helped -that can only be due to God’s healing grace through prayer.

Finally – you can also pray that if the person would be especially helped by the knowledge you carry – may they then be guided and blessed in that direction of the knowledge – whether it is through you or another source. Paramhansa Yogananda said ideas are universally, not individually, rooted. So think of that knowledge out there available to all, and see if it feels inspiring to hold that ray of knowledge out to her energetically as you pray.

Let me know if this helps!
joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

2 Responses to “Questions & Answers about Healing Prayers”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been on your healing prayer counsel and haven’t been able to feel the strong visual or physical feelings you so often mention in your notes and letters. I think some people have that gift and some, like me, do not. I tried for years but never felt that I was helping and that includes prayers of healing for those in my more intimate world of family and friends. Thank goodness there are people gifted as you are. Jean

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Hi Jean,

      Thanks for your note. First, it is so beautiful and inspiring that you pray for others in this way. Your sincerity and compassion are a form of healing energy. Ask God, Christ, Guru, to flow through your prayers, and they are blessed and made “perfect.”

      I think you are right that some people come in with different strengths in healing, especially in what they see and feel. I also think a person can increase their own individual healing strengths. I’d be happy to talk with you about it on the phone, or in emails, to see if we can help awaken the energy more fully as it flows through you. Some people also feel the healing energy increase when they practice deeply at our healing retreats.

      God bless you in your service in prayer.
      Thanks, again.
      Keep in touch,
      Mary K

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