309 Dwapara: April

Ananda Healing Prayer Council Newsletter

Dear Ones,

This letter celebrates the opening of this new website dedicated to the Ananda Healing Prayer Council. In the beginning of the New Year,  Jyotish Novak encouraged the staff of the Ananda Sangha to continue to grow in our knowledge and capacity of how to communicate electronically.

The Healing Prayer Ministry is a worldwide community; and I connect with most of you via e-mail. This opens it up so we can all connect on healing prayers, through the comments section and through the CHAPEL page, etc.

This little website allows me to serve all of you more personally.  Most people will only find this web site from my e-mail newsletter  ( about 600 people each month) plus some of you like to forward on the letter, as well.  So – this is a more cozy “home” for all of us who are joined in service through healing prayer. (The big www.ananda.org website gets about 30,000 visitors a month.)

This format also gives you a more pleasingly printable newsletter. Some of you have mentioned problems with the old e-mail version.  I think this will solve it nicely, and provides an easy way to archive Ananda Healing Prayer Newsletters.

And finally, over time, this sweet little web site home can serve as a wonderful connection for emergency healing prayers, or for prayers for world healing and peace. The main function of this ministry is to send healing treatments to individuals in need, but these other aspects are good for us to send energy to, as well.

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This will keep us connected for the prayer hotline and world peace prayers.

Thank you for your service in prayer. May you always be held in the Divine Light of God, Christ, Guru.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry  (www.healingprayers.org)

The Astral World

By Paramhansa Yogananda

Question: “How are we connected with the astral world?:”-H.J.   (From Inner Culture Magazine, July 1941)

Answer: The infinite astral world is the true world. Everything in this world of ours has first been astrally conceived. It has first been produced in the ether. The blueprints of this world have been created first in the astral world. This world has many limitations, but the astral world has no limitations.

Why Wait for Death?

We came from the astral world and we shall return to it. We get to the astral world after death, but why wait for death? If you can consciously get there now, you will certainly be able to consciously go there after death, and you will be able to come back to earth again consciously if you wish. When your earthly bad karma (action) is burned up, then you will return to the astral world and remain there forever if you wish, unless you desire to return to earth to finish some important good work which you started.

It is foolish to think that your physical body is permanent. It seems real now, but it will disappear. Then where will your soul go? To the astral world, of course. Your soul goes to the astral world now, when you are asleep, but you are not conscious of it. When you are using the subconscious mind, dreaming, or seeing visions, you are in the astral world. It is your love for and attachment to this material world that has made it seem so real. It has limited you. You must become acquainted with your base of operations-the astral world.

It is important to spend more time in the astral world. In this world we get tired of everything. In the astral world we can create anything we want. That is the difference between that world and this world. The astral kingdom is your home. Live there now by deep concentration upon peace and calmness. By increasing the intensity of concentration and the depth of calmness, you can be in the astral world.

Keep your mind at the point between the eyebrows, where the spiritual eye is located. If you concentrate long and deeply through the spiritual eye, you will get the right answer to any problem. Meditate until the light of God appears. Never go to sleep until you have contacted the divine joyful vibration of God. Always remain in the mental sphere of happiness born of meditation, no matter what happens. Concentrate upon the great peace within, and you will see the shadow of world limitations melting away. Out of it you will see that behind this motion picture of delusion there is a world eternal-the infinite astral world.

Activity Is Very Desirable

Activity is wonderfully effective for good if your mind is centered upon God. Be “calmly active and actively calm.” Nervous people are concentrated on the physical world. If you are calm and happy, you are in the astral world. You must remain in a calm state even in the midst of noise. This ability shows the astral influence upon you. When you live in the astral world, you will be guided by the unlimited Supreme Power within you.

The real control of the physical body is in the astral world. Any trouble that is in the astral cannot be cured by physical means. You must go to the astral world to find the cause of a disease. If a house is lighted and a certain wire doesn’t give light, you will have to go to the dynamo. If there is something wrong with the dynamo, the whole house will be in darkness. The whole electric system is then our of order. So it is with disease. Any trouble that is situated in the astral will have to be corrected there.

By entering the astral world, we learn the cause of all diseases and the secret of our existence. We know what happens after death and before we are born. The astral world is the factory from which everything is produced.

Because we are so identified with the physical world, the astral world is not real to us. The material world is a gross astral world limited by the law of relativity

You see the difference between light and shadow. If there were no shadow, you would not know about light. We are made of light. Healing in the future will come more and more by using rays. The astral world is a world of light. In this life we do not perceive everything as light.

No Limitations in Astral World

The difference here between solids, liquids, and gases is so plain that if we jump from the solid shore into the liquid ocean, we will drown. But in the astral world we can cognize the shore as solid and the ocean as liquid, but we don’t drown if we jump into the astral liquid. There is no limitation in the astral world. We can differentiate the solids from the liquids, but they are known as manifestations of light. We can glide through solid and liquid. That is what happened when Jesus walked on the water. He realized that both were made of astral light.

The law of relativity has delusive power. In this earthly life, for instance, we find that our body cannot go through a wall, but in the astral world we realize that both are made of light and we can go through a wall of light with our body of light.

True freedom can come only from living in the astral world.. In the physical world you will become distracted trying to cope with your problems unless you mentally live more in the infinite astral world. To fly away from your material troubles is to live in the astral world. You will then find eternal freedom.

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