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April 310 Dwapara

Dear Ones,

May these liberating words bless you, and uplift your healing prayers. Suggestion: pick one section below that speaks to your heart and soul, and focus on it for this day, week, or for the whole month. You decide. Then, when you are ready – pick a new one. May we grow together in God, deepening and expanding the healing power in this ministry, and comforting those in need. God bless you all!

Love in Him,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry


By Paramhansa Yogananda

Good habits versus human habits

No matter how long you have erred, there is hope for you

Human habits of beholding yourself as the little body and its small playhouse of the world, must be displaced by God habits. Human habit keeps reminding you of the little, unreal happiness of name, fame, territory and tiny, laughably valueless possessions. Possess the Universe, for the whole Universe is yours, O Prince of all Possessions! Forsake the slums of the beggar-ego and its pitiful claims to its tinsel kingdom of material beggary, O Prince-Image of God! Never mind even if you must live for a few incarnations in the slum of matter, becoming attached to its mirage of reality. Never mind what length of time you have spent and must still spend identified with matter. All of the ages past are as nothing compared to the Eternity of Time before you, that you may spend in the Bosom of God in the full and conscious possession of all His Glory. No matter how long you have erred and side-tracked away from God, you may NOW forsake the no-longer-attractive slums of ego and reclaim your kingdom of Divine Bliss in Eternity.

The Light shines behind darkness

Daily seeing the material sunlight, you are blinded and unable to see the magic world of eternally spread luminous electrons shining behind the darkness born of closed eyes. Open your eyes, O blind one! See how tiny your bird of ego is. Now close your physical eyes and keep your spiritual eyes wide open in the sunlight of new understanding. See how big YOU are, spread over Infinity and Eternity.

The hidden cosmic sound

Listening to little, incomplete vibrations, you have forgotten to float in the ocean of Cosmic Sound. The Cosmic Song is hidden behind the multitudinous little noises of your own voice and the voices of material noises. The ‘‘still, small voice’’ is never silent, but it cannot be heard for the clamor drowning it. And all about us, everlastingly, night and day, is playing the transcendental Music of the Spheres. ‘‘Seeing, ye see not; hearing, ye hear not. ‘‘

Lift the veils of light and thought and behold God

Stop beholding only the little toy-show of this world; close your physical eyes and plunge behind the screen of darkness. Lift the veil of silence, and behold the magic of soothing, rolling fires of planets, of trillions of multi-colored dancing atoms. Behold life-force dancing in the hall of electrons. Behold one layer of light lying within another. Behold consciousness dancing in the sphere of living light. Behold the Bliss-God and His blessed angels dancing in the thought-fashioned, wisdom-lighted Eternal Chamber of Perpetual, ever-new Bliss. Lift all curtains of light and behold God in the glory of bliss’ The Spiritual Eye is the tunnel through all veils of light, leading straight to God.

Taste God honeycombed in everything

The little centuries of human years are but days, nay, but a few hours in God’s consciousness. Awaken! Arise from dreams of littleness to the realization of the vastness within you. You are dreaming you arc a big moth, buzzing around the poisoned honey of blossoming sense-lures. Come! I will show you, my beloved, that you are the Eternal Fire which is drinking with countless mouths the Nectar-Bliss hidden in the honeycombs of all hearts and all things. God is honeycombed in everything. Drink Him through all noble experiences.

Revive your Omnipresent habits

Feed no longer your human habits with delusive human actions. Let them slowly starve for want of the food of activity. Now, Come! Meditate daily, with earnestness and devotion. Love God without ceasing. Thus may your Omnipresent habit-nature be revived in your consciousness, displacing the body-bound, sense-limited, world-caged human ideas, beliefs, and conscious and subconscious habits of earth life of this and past incarnations.

Love God through all hearts

Drink the nectar of God-love in all hearts. Poison the veins of body attachments, all small world-attachments. Use every heart as your own wine cup from which to drink the fresh ambrosia of God-love. Drink not this Divine Love from one heart only, but drink freely from all hearts the love of God alone.

Feel God as joy of meditation. Think of Him in every action

Learn to love God as the joy felt in meditation. Victory is very near. Only choose good paths before you start the race to the goal of realization. Then think of God as you start on the path of your material or spiritual duty. Then think of God with each footfall of your advancing feet as you make your way carefully and joyously over the broadening road of fulfillment. Then think of Him after you have traveled far on your life’s path and finished your progressive action. Ask God to be with you when you, by your own will, choose good action. Then think of God before you eat body-nourishing food; then think of Him while you are eating it. Then, when you are finished eating, think of God.

Keep centered in God, instead of in matter

When you act in the world, forgetting God, you have changed your centre from God to matter. And this grafted material nature will throw you into the whirlpool of change and will stifle you with worries and sorrows. Now revert to your own nature. Change your centre from material desires to desire for God. These material nature beggaries are only your grafted nature, so the only way you can forget these is to remember God as Peace and Bliss in your heart always. Ask God to make your peace, silence, joy and meditation his holy altars, where your soul may meet and Commune with Him in the holy of Holies. Let your prayer be: “Make my understanding the temple of Thy guidance!”

Continued next month (final installment)

This free e-booklet, below,  contains great info on the healing power of sunlight… Paramhansa Yogananda was very enthusiastic about this topic, and said it was an area of study that would grow, and benefit many people.

The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D


Dr. Russell Blaylock on Flu Vaccines and vitamin D3

Fall and Winter Health Tips

I am offering these health tips for your own education to make wise choices for yourself or your family.  Paramhansa Yogananda gave health tips in his mail order lessons.  Some health problems are best “cured” by preventing them in the first place, whether it be through nutrition, fasting, cleanliness or avoidance of toxins.

There is concern these days regarding swine flu and/or the swine flu vaccination, and possible mandatory vaccinations.  (Several states have these laws on the books, but probably would not be activated unless there was a large and serious outbreak.)

I thought you might appreciate this video series from Dr. Mercola and Dr. Russell Blaylock (NeuroSurgeon,  Author,  Lecturer,  Educator).

He’s the most knowledgeable that I have seen on this topic.  He reads  extensively, including the many studies on vaccines and disease. He really digs and gets solid information from the CDC and the best medical journals.

His specialty was neurosurgery and he is especially concerned with reports on how substances affect the brain and nervous system. His remarks are based on science, and not only on anecdotal stories. We receive many prayer requests for children and adults with neurological conditions, so I think it is worth hearing him out on this.

Dr. Blaylock’s website has a wealth of information on many health topics: http://www.russellblaylockmd.com/

#2 Discusses stealth virus contaminants  in vaccines; squalene and other adjuvants in vaccines (and its relation to auto-immune diseases) and much more.  In the testing phase – CDC reports the no adjuvants were used. It tested the virus only, but the actual vaccines will be heavily laced with adjuvants (this is an aspect of “fast tracked”).  This is a serious health concern regarding neurological health. He also points out the enormous profit to be made by the pharmaceuticals via mass vaccinations.

#3 Discusses that prior to this fall, vaccines with adjuvants have never been used on children. “So children are being used as guinea pigs.”  Discusses squalene used topically or orally (safe) vs. injected (dangerous immune reaction.) Also discusses mercury, and the effect on infants and pregnant women.  (They are being pushed to the head of the line to have these vaccinations.)

#4 Discusses types of people susceptible to higher risk with the flu.  He also disputes the high numbers being projected by some people in the government.  – Vitamin D3 – including his recommended dosages for adults and children; Selenium to help the immune system – especially for older folks to prevent flu. And much, much more…

Be happy and be healthy.

God bless you all,


Mary Kretzmann

Prevent Flu with Sunlight and Vitamin D3

Paramhansa Yogananda was quite enthusiastic about the healing power of sunlight, and he also recommended in his lessons that his students take cod liver oil. This was unusual since he normally recommended a vegetarian diet, though he did make exceptions in some cases. Of course, both sunlight and cod liver oil give the body Vitamin D, along with many other health benefits.

Yogananda called his sunlight healing techniques, “Heliotropics.” Over the course of this winter, I will highlight some of those techniques in future posts and give helpful pointers. For now, suffice it to say that a person can use mind power to visualize the healing power of the sun entering the body, going right past the skin and deep into the body. I have seen this give profound and immediate results in certain cases of serious infection. It needs more serious discussion than I can it give here. Let’s just consider this point an introduction to the whole concept. However, there is a chapter highlighting  Heliotropics in Divine Will Healing, a collection of Yogananda’s teachings on healing.

Right now, as kids are getting back into school, I wanted to let you know about the healing benefits of Vitamin D3, and how it might be of great help to you this fall and winter. I was especially glad to get this information, because for the last 6-7 years I have struggled with asthma, and it tended to get very bad by late winter; any little sniffle would go straight to my lungs and cause a serious infection.

I have fair skin, and I’ve been careful to avoid getting too much sun. Well – maybe I was being too good at that! It turns out that vitamin D deficiency is a big part of infectious asthma for many people. Once I learned this, I started taking 2000 IU of Vitamin D3, at the suggestion of a naturaopath. I feel better already. I won’t go into details; suffice it to say you might look into it, too. You can also get your vitamin D levels tested and monitored, if you prefer to go that route. As they say, “Ask your health care provider.”

I’ve been happy with: Vitamin D3 – 2000 IU $6.39

Swanson Health Products – they also sell D3 in 1000 IU

I also buy Twin Labs cod liver oil there. I mention this for convenience sake – I have no financial relationship with this company.

My youngest son also had a very difficult time with serious colds that caused him to miss quite a bit of school.  Once we started him on lemon-flavored cod liver oil, he developed a much more robust immune system and became one of the healthier kids in his class.

Egg yolks are another source of vitamin D, but the poor little chickens spend most of their time indoors, so they are vit D deficient, too! Try to get eggs from chickens who spend their days out in the sun:

Eggs from free-range hens contain three to six times more vitamin D than typical supermarket eggs, according to a new study conducted by Mother Earth News magazine. (Organic Consumers Association)

Vitamin D deficiency and Swine Flu?
Notice the vitamin D implications in the 2 studies on swine flu, below. Both of the cities are far to the north (Chicago and Boston), and at least in those climates, the people who were hardest hit with swine flu were blacks and Hispanics. The darker skin pigmentation was genetically designed to block out the stronger rays of the sun near the equator. So – if you do have darker skin, and yet live in a northern climate, you might want to make an extra effort to get more direct sunlight, and take vitamin D3 and/or cod liver oil. (Notice that northerly folks, like the Icelanders, practically drink the stuff, and they are quite healthy, even though their climate is very cold and dark in the winter.)

And all of us, black, white, and in-between, need to be mindful of getting enough Vitamin D because our lifestyle has moved indoors, for the most part.

Swine flu sends more blacks, Hispanics to hospital(abridged)

By MIKE STOBBE (AP) – 2 days ago

ATLANTA — Swine flu was four times more likely to send blacks and Hispanics to the hospital than whites, according to a study in Chicago that offers one of the first looks at how the virus has affected different racial groups…

…Researchers looked at more than 1,500 lab-confirmed swine flu cases reported to the Chicago Department of Public Health from late April through late July. Blacks with swine flu were hospitalized at a rate of 9 per 100,000, and Hispanics at a rate of 8 per 100,000. For whites, the rate was 2 per 100,000, the study found.

Earlier this month, Boston health officials released some unpublished information that found three out of four Bostonians hospitalized with swine flu were black or Hispanic.

More resources on the value of vitamin D:

“Have A Flu Free Winter”

Dr. John Cannell on Vitamin D
Watch this interview with Vitamin D Council Executive Director Dr. John Cannell, where he explains vitamin D’s effect on innate and adaptive immunity and what that means in relation to preventing viral infections, such as the flu or the common cold.

The Vitamin D Newsletter: H1N1 Flu and Vitamin D

By Dr. John Cannell – Vitamin D Council

…Vitamin D is emerging as one of the most vigorous antibiotics out there.  In 2006, the journal Epidemiology and Infection reported on a study showing that activated vitamin D works as a steroid hormone, and that children who are D deficient are more susceptible to viral infections and respiratory ailments.   The journal Pediatric Research concurred, citing the increased risk of viral infections in children deficient in the vitamin.

The abstract to the above mentioned study referred to solar radiation as nature’s “seasonal stimulus.”  Skin cancer not withstanding, most of the American population is lacking in vitamin D.  While experts say that 15-30 minutes of sun per day is adequate for most adults, they also recommend supplementation when sunlight isn’t practical.  Health.com suggests 1500-2000 IU/day to help ward off infection. Food Consumer – Lisle, IL, USA

Vitamin D Council : Helpful information on the role of vitamin D deficiency in many disease processes including cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, depression, and more.

And – wash your hands!

To your joyful health,

Mary Kretzmann