Prayers with Children

Sometimes children are more receptive to prayer and other spiritual things as the holidays approach. This post has 2 elements on on how to pray with children.  You can easily forward this email on to any families who may appreciate the inspiration.

 1) A friend wrote this to me after reading my article, Healing Prayers with Children:

Dear Mary,

This is the first time I’ve read this page. My husband has passed and I don’t have any children. However, reading this about how you and Tim involved your children in prayer is very inspiring. There are many children in my extended and spiritual families…and this post is an eye opener as to ways that we may pray with and for each other. Thank you, beloved sister gurubai. Jai Guru!

In Master’s JOY. Love & blessings, J…

To read more click here: Healing Prayers with Children

2) Below is an excerpt from the back of this online booklet, Life’s Little Secrets, by Swami Kriyananda: (used with permission)
 Note from Mary Kretzmann to Parents on using Life’s Little Secrets
These instructive seed thoughts will be helpful to your children in many ways. My husband and I raised our three children here at Ananda Village, founded by Swami Kriyananda.  We used little daily routines to keep the children mindful of God, and higher truths.  A little thing, done consistently, is powerful, and lets your children know you value these higher principles in life.
My neighbor’s grown daughter and two children moved back home after her marriage dissolved. Creating a solid sense of home for her grandchildren during this challenging time was a high priority. They kept meaningful routines, such as regular meal times, bedtime stories and prayers, etc.
The grandmother  also read one of these Little Secrets at dinnertime, right after blessing the food. Such a simple thing, but the kids came to expect it, and if she ever forgot, the kids would say, “Grandma, aren’t you going to read from the little book?”
There are four Little Secrets books here: a thought a day for four months! Print them out to use at bedtime or mealtime.
Mary Kretzmann
Scroll down and use the “download” button if you want to print this out.

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