Blessings, My Beloved…

Tim left his body on August 6th at 3:10 pm. In the three days leading up to that moment, the family spent many hours chanting around his bedside.

I am not ready to write much, except to say that he was in in a state of bliss for many hours on the day he died, after months of a painful struggle.  (And yet he said to me, “I have not suffered.”)

He was fully awake with eyes uplifted.  In the final moments he was guided by his elder son Peter, chanting “AUM Guru” into his right ear, while Swamiji’s AUM recording played in the background. A full conscious exit is an enormous blessing to us all.

My friend, Sharon Taylor, was meditating in the next room and heard angelic bells ringing when he left his body.

After the family prayers, I felt his bliss and we all chanted again for an hour, participating in his astral welcoming.

We miss his presence dearly…and yet we are comforted by his blissful attainment.

Blessings and love to you all,


Interview from a few years ago:


44 Responses to “Blessings, My Beloved…”

  1. marykretzmann Says:

    from Devidasan:

    Dearest Mary, Namaste
    Thank you for sharing this. It is most sublime. AUM is indeed the Cosmic Guru and Tim has merged with that Cosmic Vibration. How inspiring! What a Great Teacher Tim is to all of us.

    Our prayers go to you in your loss.


    Much Love and God Bless


  2. marykretzmann Says:

    Youtube comment:
    “I have seen the play “The Jewel in the lotus”, and have been magnetized by the joy this soul has. Seeing his pictures and listening to his other talks shows me even more that this soul has the joy in life that i yearn to express too. This man has been a great inspiration to me though i have only seen his youtube videos and pictures. Gold Bless Him”


  3. marykretzmann Says:

    from adityajoshii

    “Tim is one of the most pure heart person i met , I only met him once four year back he left a everlasting impression in my heart He indeed is my hero. I too am crying because he was one of the person whom i wanted to meet so much , always felt a connection with him.”


  4. marykretzmann Says:

    from Rita, Roberto, Carolina and Paul

    Dearest Mary and family:

    We send our deepest condolences to you and everyone in the family. Just last night, I viewed the email with David’s clip about Tim. My eyes filled with tears as I watched the love pour out from Tim to everyone he was with….what a Great and beautiful soul we had amongst us. Now he is with our Master’s… happy he must be to be in their presence. Your loss is great we know. May you find comfort in knowing he is with our Guru where we all hope to be someday.

    Our love, prayers, and uplifting thoughts are with all of you.

    Rita, Roberto, Carolina and Paul

  5. marykretzmann Says:

    from Diane:

    Dearest Mary,

    I have been in the woods of New Hampshire for the last 14 days, and therefore, out of touch with most of the world of people. I was sad to hear of Tim’s passing, but uplifted by the way in which he left us at the end. David’s tribute to Tim brought tears to my eyes. You, Tim and your family have brought such beauty into our world. I will continue to pray and chant for Tim, you and your children.


  6. marykretzmann Says:

    from Susan Schell:

    Oh Mary,

    My love to you — I am so sorry for your loss, but feel uplifted by your account of Tim’s passing. I know he is blessed by Master … and may Master bless and comfort you now.
    I had hoped to meet Tim if I came back to Ananda. But I’m sure we all have known each other before. I will remember Tim in my prayers, and you will be in my thoughts and prayers, as well. I wish there were more I could do, or say … but the grace of the gurus will be with you; of that I am sure …

    Many blessings in Master,

  7. marykretzmann Says:

    from Paula:
    “Wow, Mary,
    This helps so much.
    Love, Paula”

    from Susan:
    “Absolutely beautiful, Mary. May the love of all that is Divine be with you now and forever. ” Susan

  8. Jeri Cooper Says:

    Dear Mary,
    Both you and Tim are such an inspiration for me, your tireless service and love to all devotees. For Tim’s conscious departure, it gives me a huge spiritual boost…yes, this is possible…He did it. What a victory!
    May Master guide you in his light and love.
    Jeri Cooper (Alexandria, Virginia)

  9. Carol Coburn Says:

    Dear Mary and family:
    Thank you for sharing the video of Tim. It is an extremely moving portrait of a beautiful soul. Although I never met Tim just watching the video it is apparent that he was filled with joy and love. May Divine Mother’s love surround you and your family.
    Carol Coburn

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Thank you, Carol. Yes he was indeed that kind of soul…I am blessed to have known him…

      • Prisha Says:

        And so much more than just having known him . . . to have shared his life so deeply, to have lived such a beautiful family and spiritual life together. I am so thrilled to hear of his conscious exit from the body, a testimony to his spiritual attainment. He, as well as you, will continue to inspire countless people for years to come. We look forward to hearing much more about his final days and hours as you feel readier to tell those stories. Much love and support for your new journey!

        • marykretzmann Says:

          Thank you, dear Prisha…
          Here’s a bit more…


  10. Neelam Shahani Says:

    Dear Mary,

    Sorry to hear about Tim. He is in our prayers and surely soaring in God’s light and love.

    May you find comfort in Divine Mother’s infinite love.




  11. energyandjoyTracy Anderson Says:

    Thank you for sharing yours and Tim’s journey, providing so much inspiration in living in the long rhythm of Bliss. May Divine Mother and the Masters guide Tim’s soul, and comfort you and the blessed community of spiritual friends and family. My prayers continue for you all. I send you a big, Divine hug, right here.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Mary, I loved seeing this tribute to Tim. Thank you so very much for sharing about his conscious passing. I’m so happy it was such a beautiful astral ascension for him that he shared with you all.

    Dearest Mary, God bless you and bless you and family.
    My condolences and love and support, victoria

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for sharing, Mary.

    You already impact my daily life through your healing prayers on Radio Ananda which I switch on as soon as I enter my Office at 8 am.

    These shared vignettes show us how transformational this path can be for the entire family.

    Tim is thrice blessed: in his own journey, in the journey he shared with you, and in the inspiration he provided all three children who have then chosen this path to freedom.

    Much love

  14. Kaveetaa Kaul Says:

    Dear Mary,

    You have conveyed so much in so little. Tim and you were blessed to have each other, A fully ‘awake’ departure is nothing short of Master and Divine Mother guiding Tim, who ensconced in the comfort of their arms rests in peace,showering his grateful blessings on his amazing family. Words cannot suffice.. but our prayers are with you dear, beautiful Mary.

    Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti

  15. D.B.Biswas Says:

    Dear Mary,

    My heartfelt condolences to you & your family.
    May Tim’s soul merge in HIS LIGHT & JOY.


  16. Margaret Says:

    What a beautiful and sacred sharing regarding Tim’s blissful attainment. My heartfelt solace and prayers enfold you at this time, Mary.

  17. Penelope Williams Says:

    Dear Mary,

    Comfort, solace and Master’s Supreme Loving Grace to your courageous Heart. Thank you and Master for the opportunity to pray for Tim all these weeks. May you be united in greater love with your Beloved.

  18. Says:

    Dearest Mary,

    Words are so inadequate to even attempt replying to your beautiful mail.

    I feel honored for having known Tim and to be a part of the prayer support for him.

    What a glorious transition!

    God’s love, Bill

  19. chandih Says:

    This so sweet. Mary, your family is an inspiration to us all.

    Bless you in Masters guiding light.



    Ps. I didn’t really have an opportunity to actually work closely with Tim. I am sorry for that now. He was a magnet of Masters Joy.

    When you were here for the temple dedication in June 2007, I was just recovering from Shingles,so unable to meet and great you both. I will always remember his storytelling, and pure joy he shared with so many during his performances. I was so happy that I saw him walking at the Market July 1st. I was there for the EFL conference and I said, “Oh Tim, I am so glad to see you today! I felt I had known him though all of your newsletter updates and prayers. He must have thought who is this crazy lady?? Now , I am so happy I was able to see him that last time. He was radiant that day.

    Thank you all!!

    Blessings 🙂 Chandi

  20. Liz Lambregtse Says:

    Dear Mary,

    My heart goes out to you in the lose of your beloved Tim, yet my heart rejoices for Tim as he is in Divine Bliss now – totally pain-free and happy.

    It is so very wonderful that you both decided to have quality of life in making the choices that you did for Tim’s treatments. Having the last few days together with your children and spiritual family – chanting and praying – how beautiful. The fact that Tim was able to consciously exit his body is so phenomenal and wonderful!

    Don’t forget to allow yourself to be human – even Master cried at Sri Gyanamata’s passing, and remember how after he had his Mahasamadhi, and Sri Daya Mata was sitting by his body, a tear ran down his cheek, which she caught with her handkerchief. You had a very loving relationship so you will miss him dearly and there will be sadness. But we are so very blessed to have our Guru and His teachings that help us to understand life and death and how our soul’s live for eternity.

    I send you and your family all of my love and continue to hold you up to the Light in prayer many times throughout each day as I have been since I first heard about Tim’s problems.

    We are all very blessed to be on this Path! I hope that your many happy memories of Tim will help you through the times of grief and sadness and help you to focus on all of the good and wonderful times!

    So much love, Light and positive prayers to you,


    • marykretzmann Says:

      Thank you Liz – Yes – there have been tears…But then I find it best to go back to the chanting we had done with him…I feel closer to him in that.

      • Liz Lambregtse Says:

        Dear Mary,

        You are so very dear to me! I am glad that you are able to return to the chanting that you did with Tim and feel close to him!

        Lots of love to you,


  21. Deniece Jordan-Walker Says:

    Aum Shanti Aum Brahman Aum, From Joy he came in Joy he lived and in sacred Joy he returned. Jabari and I love you and are praying that you and family feel the everlasting Bliss
    With Divine Love
    Deniece Jordan-Walker

  22. Mary Says:

    God Bless You my dear, dear Mary. May the love and comfort of our Beloved Mother enfold you and hold you close.

    Sent from my Samsung smartphone on AT&T

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