Tim Update

Dear Friends,

This will be a quickly penned update…

About 2 weeks ago I did a deep healing session with Tim in which some old stuff, including a memory from age 3, were healed and cleared. This also led to clearing of some issues that had happened in adulthood.

Soon after that he was deeply moved by this article, which was extracted from a talk years ago  by Swami Kriyananda: Spiritual Ignorance: The Cause of All Disease

An ocean of cosmic energy
The body’s ability to heal or resist disease depends primarily on being able to draw energy into the body from the cosmic source. We live surrounded by an ocean of cosmic energy, and we draw on it to a greater or lesser extent all the time, depending on our will power or willingness, and on the clarity of our awareness. There are a number of saints and yogis who have lived for many years without eating, yet somehow they manage to carry on and, in fact, they put everyone else to shame with their high level of energy. They are sustained by that cosmic source.

The energy we bring into the body from the cosmic source is intelligent. It can transform the chemistry of the body. It can become whatever chemicals we need in order to heal because all of these chemicals are manifestations of cosmic energy. The body itself is not a physical object. It is a holding pattern of energy and this pattern can be changed. When we change the holding pattern, we suddenly find new and different chemicals rushing in to take the place that’s been created for them.

It is by changing the holding pattern that amazing miracles and instantaneous healings have occurred: people dying of cancer who suddenly became well; people who bathed in the waters at Lourdes who suddenly grew new organs. The woman crippled by polio, by her will power and determination, changed the holding pattern and healed her legs.

We are still working on all levels for his healing – thank you for your prayers…


Mary Kretzmann

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3 Responses to “Tim Update”

  1. marykretzmann Says:

    from Paula:

    I think Tim and you are spear heading something really vital for all of us and Master’s wondrous gift to this age, awakening our awareness of the value of bringing in life force and totally bringing alive the reality and availability of God’s conscious cosmic energy and healing Light. I hadn’t done energizations for quite awhile and doing them with faith tonight ’cause of what you shared has made me feel so much more light and and the space within is relaxed and unclogged as well as energized. Thanks to you both. You’re making a difference!.
    Love, Paula

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for sharing and hold on!!!!!!!!! Jikai

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