Tim’s Affirmations

Dear Ones,
I’ve received several requests for updates about Tim. He’s doing better and better. He continues to play hammer dulcimer and he does some light gardening.  Though he still needs a lot of rest, he can work 2-3 hours a day in the office of his business, MeditationBench.com
Tim a few years ago….see him well
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Tim had a good visit with his oncologist last Thursday.  The doctor was truly amazed at how quickly the cancer seemed to be shrinking. It was beyond what he was expecting from the hormone blockers alone. Thank you for your prayers! I believe the combined effort of healing prayers, affirmations, positive thinking, music, hopefulness, western medicine, and some high powered natural supplements are moving him quickly toward healing.
He still has drainage tubes from his kidneys – though there is strong evidence that the ureters are no longer blocked. (That was why he went into acute kidney failure at Easter time.)  The urologist is playing it safe and wants to leave the tubes in a while longer… So, your prayers are still very deeply appreciated.
We have a follow-up phone appointment with Dr. Robert Rowen this coming Wednesday to review the supplements Tim is taking to heal from this cancer. (Tim doesn’t yet feel ready to travel down to Santa Rosa to see him.) A lot can be accomplished through this phone call. Dr. Rowen also stresses we need to heal the causative factors in body/mind/soul (he also is a meditator) but our consultation will be focused around fine tuning the supplements, etc.
Tim has found a lot of meaning in this affirmation, and he also uses it as a visualization:
My body cells are made of light.
My fleshly cells are made of Thee.
They are perfect, for Thou art perfect;
They are healthy, for Thou art Health;
They are Spirit, for Thou art Spirit;
They are immortal, for Thou art Life.
Sometimes at night we do this affirmation together:
Perfect Father,
Thy Light is flowing through Christ,
Through the saints of all religions,
Through the Masters of India, and through me.
This Perfect Light is present in all my body parts,
I am well.
Recently, when I realized I needed to overcome the pattern of worrying about Tim, I adapted the above affirmation in a way that I could use it as a repetitive prayer throughout the day, keeping my mind engaged in a positive manner.  It has been powerful and comforting to adapt the prayer in this way:
Perfect Father,
Thy Light is flowing through Christ,
Through the saints of all religions,
Through the Masters of India, and through Tim.
This Perfect Light is present in all his body parts,
He is well!
This has helped me to focus my mind and energy in a positive direction during this challenging time when I have often felt challenged with anxiety about Tim (until I started doing this prayer…)
Previous posts about Tim can be found in the TIM category (click here).
Thank you again for your prayers. And feel free to tell me what you think, or to share your favorite affirmation in the comment field, below.
Mary Kretzmann
PS – Below are some youtubes made by Dr. Rowen in 2007, when he still lived in Alaska. Many more are available here and here
If you can’t see all elements of this email – please click here

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD Tells Why He Became Alternative Doctor (very interesting video)

“The cancer treatments I saw were a disgrace, and still are…”


Dr. Robert Rowen, MD Bioenergetic Medicine Hope For Future


Dr. Robert Rowen, MD Good Nutrition Critical For Health


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    When the will is strong father fulfills the will

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