Meditation to Fight Cancer

I bought a guided meditation CD for my husband called, Health Journeys:  A Meditation to Help You Fight Cancer, by Belleruth Naparstek. I wanted to pass along the info in case you have family or friends who may be in need of it. I’ve relaxed and listened to it a few times now, and I like her approach very much.  I believe it is a good adjunct to any healing program, and can help the patient more easily access and heal the mind/body connection, and start on the road to recovery. Her voice and the music are soothing and healing. It is even okay if the patient also drifts off to sleep while listening to this guided visualization, because her clear words will still reach the subconsciousness mind, a powerhouse of one’s healing potential. It also includes segments helping the patient to release gently any old pockets of emotion that may be stuck, causing blocked energy.

“This imagery combines images of tumors shrinking and fighter cells battling and triumphing over cancer cells, with motivation strengthening and energy mobilizing. Steve Kohns rich, empowering music broadcasts strength, support, safety and hope. “

Tim likes the CD and makes a point to use it twice a day. It helps hm apply these principles in a way that works readily for him, without having to study up on the topic, which would be overwhelming right now.  Put in the CD, relax and listen, and your body/mind/spirit has taken an important step toward healing, just like that!

He has also been able to meditate a little more each day, now that his pain has reduced significantly.  That spiritual meditation, purely for God, is done in our bedroom meditation area.  The healing CD, above, however, is done in the living room. It just sort of worked out that way.  I can see that it is good to have a separate “experience” to let it unfold in a natural manner, especially for devotees who already have an established meditation practice.


Mary Kretzmann


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