Tim is doing better

I sent out this “Saturday update” to a few friends last week, but I wanted to update the larger group.  Please don’t feel slighted if you didn’t get it. I am not feeling tremendously organized about all this right now!

I also wanted to take a moment to publicly thank Dr. Peter Van Houten who has met with us and supported us even after he referred Tim on to 2 other specialists.  I am sure he thought an official diagnosis would have been forthcoming months ago. It was a comfort having him there throughout this whole scenario.  Sometimes karma itself can put a veil on the diagnosis process, even when in retrospect the case seems pretty clear (but the unusual twists and turns made it complicated).  Dr. Peter recently told us Tim’s was  the most perplexing case of his medical career.  Believe me, you don’t want to compete for that particular prize. Anyway – it gave us some helpful perspective on our long and winding road toward a diagnosis.  There is now some peace and clarity on how to proceed.  Tim’s case now seems paradoxically both serious, and yet also very hopeful. Your prayers are still very much appreciated.

We are also moving lots of  “old energy” in the house.  We’ve lived here over 30 years and raised our 3 kids there. So, even though I’ve tried to keep the energy cleared, some things did pile up. And I’d hung on to some things from sentimentality.  But now it is time for a refreshing change! Our eldest son, Peter, our daughter, Krishnabai, and I got rid of some furniture and old books, etc., in the past few days with the goal of making the house feel “lighter and airier,” as per Tim’s request. Krishnabai and her husband live nearby, here at Ananda Village, and Peter is up visiting for a month from the Ananda Los Angeles ashram. It is such a help and comfort to have him home at this time.

Some people have wondered how Tim managed to get serious prostate cancer, since he had very few of the risk factors.  He almost looked like the perfect candidate to not get it, actually. That was another thing that perplexed Dr. Rowen last week. But sometimes karma or spiritual tests and “opportunities” get the upper hand, despite generally  good health.  So – addressing healing of body, mind and spirit are especially helpful right now. (Right diet, rest, music, prayer, meditation, visualization, affirmation, very light gardening, short, gentle walks in nature, introspection, etc. … all with the view of Tim finding the transformation that feels right for him now…)

There were a few practical areas that could use improvement, such as not having a clock with a night light in the room.  Yep – it looks like grasping at straws… but it’s good to implement  any changes that can help Tim optimize his healing now that cancer has occurred.  Over the years, his sleep pattern was often minimal at night, but he would meditate instead, so it all seemed okay. But maybe his circadian rhythms, etc., were disturbed and his body needed more sleep. Who knows? …For more info on Light at Night (LAN) see: Connection Between Light at Night and Cancer Suggested by New Study.   Also see (f you want)  —Lack of Sleep, Light at Night Can Raise Cancer Risk?

Saturday update, April 21:

Tim is doing better, day by day. Yesterday was our first non-medical “outing” since Thanksgiving. We went to the Crystal Hermitage Gardens here at Ananda Village.  We parked at the top, but later picked Tim up at the bottom, so he would not have to climb back up the stairs.

It was a glorious first outing for Tim. He was awash in beauty, almost to the point of overwhelm, but not quite. It was lovely to walk beside him and take it all in. He had such deep appreciation of every splash of color, etc.

His energy is definitely improving, and he is whistling much more – a good barometer for how he is doing. Some symptoms are improving – so we know the cancer is shrinking already.  So phase one (a pill) is already helping – he gets a shot next week. He’s also taking some high powered supplements that are directly helpful to his case (As recommended by Dr. Rowen). He’s only taking the ones that I am sure don’t compete with the medical treatment. We may be able to add in a few of the others once we have another phone consultation with Dr. Rowen (he’s away teaching in Malaysia until May).

He is also playing his hammer dulcimer daily (in the living room) – a very joyful sound. It seems to help replenish him very directly and immediately. Over the past many years, his playing had really dropped off to almost nothing once the Joyfull Strings business went mostly dormant. He just got busy (way too busy!) with other work. So being not that busy is also part of the long-term healing and transformation. (Take the time to smell the roses and play the music, etc. )

Here’s to health and healing, and new beginnings.

Love and Joy,


PS – I want to emphasize that his prognosis is very good with this treatment. Please see him in that light.

I also remember seeing a medical study in which aggressive prostate cancer cells mutated down to a much less aggressive form. It surprised the researchers. I think it had to do with mind/body healing – and possibly with nutrition, etc. So hold that thought that this is mutable… I hope to find that study again, but it is a true thought anyway – in light of quantum physics and spiritual healing.

So thanks for reading this far, and thanks for your love and prayers. I just ordered Tim a well recommended healing CD on visualizing making cancer cells and tumors recede. If  you have a favorite healing tool of that nature, please feel free to share it in the comment field by clicking here.  Then it helps us, but it also helps others, too.  Actually, feel free to share  any inspiration for healing there.  It’s easier for me if you share it in the comment field than in a reply email right now. But I will also read the emails, too.

God bless you all.




21 Responses to “Tim is doing better”

  1. marsha krygier Says:

    Thank you Mary! I would like to share two of my favorite healing modalities: qi gong (which I have been practicing for years). Check out Spring Forest Qi gong. (located in Minnesota). My daughter and I visited there a few years ago, and were treated by Master Chunyi Lin. On his website, will be healing/meditative CDs – ones specific to cancer as well. I also recommend Amrita’s Crystal Sounds Institute. She healed herself of breastcancer with the vibrations of crystal bowls. I have met her. Was introduced to her by our mutual friend, Myra Kelly.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Thank you, Mary, sharing for the information on light at night and its connection to cancer. It prompted me to search further and found an interesting article at Peperperspective.com entitled “Do night lights cause cancer?” The article includes a link to f.lux where you can download a free computer program that makes your computer screen look warmer at night by reducing the blue light, and brighter, like sunshine, during the day.

    Thank you for all that you have shared with us throughout this journey. I am delighted that Tim is feeling better.

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Thank you, Margaret!
      I guess the night lights interfere with melatonin, and that is why it can cause cancer. Normally melatonin helps create fighter cells, etc.
      Tim started taking melatonin pills a couple of days ago, and he is sleeping better and feeling more restored. (Years ago he tried it and said it didn’t work. In retrospect, I think his system was way out of balance and that is why it didn’t work. Oh dear!)


  3. Carol Coburn Says:

    This is very good news about Tim’s progress. He is surrounded by love and light. May you and your family all be blessed.

    Blessings and light,
    Carol Coburn l

  4. Carol Kretzmann Says:

    Good to get word. When my phone broke I lost most of my numbers. I like Rubin Naiman’s work on sleep. He is a colleague of A Weil at an AZ school for integrative medicine. I have his “Healing Night”, where he writes a lot about LAN. http://www.amazon.com/Healing-Night-Sleeping-Dreaming-Awakening/dp/0929636538/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1335478602&sr=1-1
    & Also his recording of “Yoga of Sleep”, which I shared with my alternative practitioner. Darkening the new glowing LED things is not such a little thing.

  5. Kaveetaa Kaul Says:

    Dearest Mary,

    It all seems like a plan to have you and Tim evermore in His light and one can almost feel a blazing healing, warm loving light bathing you and your dear family. Thanks for the wonderful update. I see Tim playing his music and feeling so close to Jesus, almost as if he were playing it for him in His presence.

    All will be wel!!

    Jai Guru!

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Thank you for your kind words! They give me hope and encouragement. As I am writing this, He is again playing his beautiful music…Each evening there is that much more energy and creativity in his playing..It is so beautiful to hear.
      Blessings to you,

  6. marykretzmann Says:

    From Jerry C:

    Dear Mary, thank you for your update regarding Tim. I’m so glad that life is/has gotten back to some sense of normal for your family. Please say hi to Tim for me. Each of you are in my prayers daily. In Master’s love and joy, Jerry C.

  7. Dave Bingham Says:

    God bless your dear friends. You are in our prayers. Thank you for the update.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful. What a journey. Prayers continue. Love, daiva

  9. Tyagin Jikai Says:

    So happy for your Family and the Ananda Family!
    We will keep you both on our altar and in Our Prayers.
    Tyagini Jikai

  10. Brindey Says:

    Dearest Mary and Tim, you are in our prayers here at Anandagiri and I will continue to focus special energy to Tim and you as well! Many Blessings are being given to you now! Some you will feel now and some will manifest later, but you are in His Love and His Bliss will help carry you both to the Mark!! Master, and our Great Ones Bless you Tim! In Divine Love and Friendship, Brahmacharini Brindey

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Dear Brindey,

      Thank you for your kindness and prayers. It means so much to us. Your words are very encouraging and comforting to us now.

      Love in Him,

      • victoria hansen Says:

        Dear Mary, What a wonderful letter and great news. It is so heart-warming to read about all the things that comfort Tim and you. Sharing your process of how you are dealing with it all on many levels and all that you are trying to do is so instructive and important for all of us to hear. Thank you for such personal sharing, Mary. It means a lot that you want to include all of us. Prayers will continue, victoria

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