Rev. Wangai’s surgery went well

Here is a recent note from Rev. Wangai. Thank you for your prayers for his eye surgery.
About his note, below:
Sometimes our family sends him modest monetary gifts to help feed the children, so that is what his note is referring to, below. We’ve been distracted with Tim’s situation, to say the least, but I think it will be healing for us to give in this way again. It is healing in many ways:
  • Getting back to anything “normal” is good
  • Even (or especially?) when going through a difficult healing scenario, it is good to help others who are struggling in their own way. It keeps our hearts open and expansive.
  • We love seeing how the widows and children put the resources to such good use.
Please note, this is  not meant as a fundraising plea, but if it touches your heart to also send something for the children, you can send check to me. Please state that it is for Rev. Wangai.  (Otherwise I might assume it was meant as a healing prayer donation, that I would then sign over to the ministry.) I will bundle the gifts and send it to him, asap. I usually send it via Western Union, so the “bundling” saves on transaction fees, which do add up.
Thank you for your prayers.  God bless you all.
Mary Kretzmann
Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry
Dear Rev. Mary,
Receive greetings in Jesus name. thank you for your prayers. my eye was treated last Friday and now it is getting well. I had written you a mail and told you that it would be best if we bought food in plenty and be with it in the house because maize prices are beginning to hike. There are children who eat different meals from maize but we don’t have funds…You and your husband are all in our prayers.

2 Responses to “Rev. Wangai’s surgery went well”

  1. Tyagin Jikai Says:

    may the blessing of God rest upon thee
    may His peace abide with you
    may Loves present illuminate your heart
    now and forever more.
    Tyagini Jikai

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