Prayers for Tim, Update

“Life is nothing if not a continuous overcoming of problems. Every problem that waits for a solution at your hand is the religious duty imposed upon you by life itself.”   

Paramhansa Yogananda

This quote confirmed what I’ve been feeling, and gave me deeper resolve to find solutions for Tim’s healing.

Thank you for your prayers and concern for Tim.

Tim has an appointment with Dr. Robert Rowen in Santa Rosa, CA, on April 4.

  About Dr. Rowen: …To the doctors he’s trained and the patients he’s cured, Dr. Robert Rowen is known as something of a miracle worker. Indeed, Dr. Rowen receives over a dozen calls and emails a week from fellow physicians, seeking advice on how to cure their most challenging cases. Sometimes, the doctors fly their patients across the country to have Dr. Rowen examine and treat them.

    Many of these patients suffer from deadly diseases like cancer…or from stubborn ailments like diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease that have plagued them for years. Yet over half of them leave Dr. Rowen’s care symptom-free. And many leave completely cured! This includes even the toughest cases other doctors give up on!

    As it turns out, Dr. Rowen has considerably more experience practicing alternative medicine than just about any of his peers. He spent 22 years practicing in Alaska, the first state to provide statutory protection to alternative physicians…

I was impressed with Dr. Rowen when I first heard about him in January… and this feeling was “confirmed” when Swamiji recently sent us a booklet with a special healing ideas for Tim. It turns out the ideas were from Doctor Rowen. So this felt like a divine push to make it happen – NOW.  Travel is still a challenge for Tim, but we can make it; we will stay over night there. Our initial visit will be 2 hours long.

This has also been meaningful for us at this time:

    “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

Please keep us in your prayers for a safe journey and for the healing light to shine all round Tim, and within him, during this visit.  May Dr. Rowen be guided as to the best ways to help Tim. And may the healing begin even now – in anticipation of the visit. Many things are now in place for healing.

Again, thank you for your loving thoughts and prayers.


16 Responses to “Prayers for Tim, Update”

  1. Ruby Brown Says:

    Mary and Tim: My prayer is that you will be given what you need during this difficult time. May God and Master bless you. You will be in my prayers. Ruby Brown

  2. Jan Shapiro Says:

    Wonderful Mary, I know taking the next step in one well thought out and guided by your constant devotion. You and Tim are blessed. We will continue to pray for grace in this matter. Jan

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Dear Jan,
      Thank you for your prayers and loving thoughts. And this doctor has deep knowledge of energetic healing technology, along the lines you and I spoke of together.

  3. Surana Says:

    Bless you Mary and Tim both – this challenge will be resolved perfectly. Your travel will be without trauma, your visit will be fruitful – I just know it!!!!! Aummmmm

  4. Justin Thelen Says:

    Many blessings to you Tim and Mary. Thank for inspiring us even during the challenging times.
    Many blessings!

  5. dbbmum Says:

    May the DIVINE LIGHT be with Tim ! HARI OM !!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Mary,

    We pray for you and Tim and hope you will get some new answers from this doctor.

    Dennis & Bailey Stenson

  7. Dambara Says:

    Jai! Thanks for the update, & blessings all around.


  8. Bill Nelson Says:

    Bless both your hearts. The two quotes couldn’t be more appropriate as they pertain to not only your journey but also my own. It is a DISTINCT honor to be praying along with such great souls.

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