Prayers for a young boy, Gautam

Prayers for a young boy, Gautam, age 10

He lives in Noida, India.  (His parents helped with the Ananda group in Noida for some time, and Tim and I visited their home on our 2007 trip to India.) I am asking this whole group to pray because I was concerned that he is having such abdominal pain, but the surgery is till some days away…

His mother, a doctor, writes:

He has been suffering from recurrent attacks of severe abdominal pain, and vomiting followed by fever. He is scheduled for surgery (laproscopic appendectomy) on Wednesday, the 28th of March. Please pray that his surgery goes well & it results in getting rid of the cause of his abdominal pains.

 Gautam is 145cm tall, (4’9″)  thin built boy. He is a very responsible, loving & kind child…
  Deeply grateful,
  In God & Guru,

Thank you all for your prayers.

God bless.


Mary Kretzmann

PS – I have been meaning to update you on Tim, since some of you have asked. His energy has improved since a month ago – but many things still remain to be healed (bladder/prostate). I will send an update separately.

2 Responses to “Prayers for a young boy, Gautam”

  1. doughlas santos Says:

    Hello Mary,
    Since I left the village a while back, I’ve kept up with the healing prayers for all that was needed. I kept my village ph. intact up to now.
    At this date and time i’m going to let go of that ph. # and stay with the healing prayer and core group through personal e-mail.
    Please use my latest e/mail address and you can always call and leave a message on my cell ph. which is 530-277-3764.
    Currently I live in Merced, Calif. and anticipate staying here at least for 1 year.
    Pls. reply when time is avail. to you and my love and blessings to your family and to the family village.

    In Divine friendship,

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