Ben is taking college courses!

Update on Ben – We began praying for Ben after he had a very serious bike accident resulting in a brain injury. He is doing remarkably well. He is back living with his parents in Maine – but there is hope he can start back at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute this fall.

Below is a note from Kristy (his mom) :

Ben is doing phenomenally well!  Indeed, it is a miracle.  He begins a couple of classes at the local community college this week in order to regain his short term recall skills.  He quickly outpaced the outpatient therapy and now has more subtle deficits that will simply take time to heal including the short term recall, initiation in starting things and elevated pulse with exercise that doesn’t calm down as quickly as it used to.  The doctor said, “school will be your therapy now and what used to take you an hour will take you three hours” (in school).

We’re all enjoying the close family time and of course the sheer joy and gratitude of his healing.


4 Responses to “Ben is taking college courses!”

  1. Joycee Says:

    Fantastic news…May God & Guru continue to work their miraculous healing for Ben!

  2. Dambara Says:

    Jai! Blessings to all!

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