Prayers for Tim

Thank you for your prayers for Tim. There have been many blessings in the past week.

Tim is using visualizations and guided meditations, along with mantras – and we are also seeing results when I do healing sessions with him. One session was especially deep and strong, and I felt that all of your prayers of all helped to bring Guru’s grace so tangibly into our home at this time. It is a spiritually precious time, so I don’t want to dissipate the energy by talking about it too much while we are still in the middle of this.

Some symptoms are improving – he can walk a few steps now without crutches and we know this will continue.

Please especially send continued healing energy to the pelvic area – bladder/prostate, etc. There are signs that the energy is clearing, cleansing and healing… See him whole and well.

God bless you all.

Love In Him,



5 Responses to “Prayers for Tim”

  1. marykretzmann Says:

    Another sweet and comforting message:

    I want to share, in all my years working with the Ananda prayer, I have never felt the power of
    Energy as when sending prayers to Tim. Know the prayers will continue for you both…

    Blessings in divine light, Gail

  2. marykretzmann Says:

    Another precious note from dear friends:

    Dear Mary and Tim,
    We are praying for you both daily and sending you positive thoughts.
    We love you both.
    In Master’s Care,
    Darlene and Jamey

  3. Bill Nelson Says:

    The update is appreciated!! I am continuing to see Tim open, receptive and responsive to grace.

  4. marykretzmann Says:

    This beautiful note came in from a devotee in Brazil:

    my Dear Mary and Tim

    be very faithful deeply God and Divine Mother are with you taking care of this quick passage … you will be able to help others when you get back to your daily normal life.

    i can say this from my own experience when doctor gave me 6 months of living and they told me i would not be able to walk anymore

    prayers and faith and meditation were my support in the Divine

    Jai Guru

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