Ben is making great progress!

I like how Ben’s eyes look so clear in this photo. Thank you so much for your prayers. …Please keep him in your prayers.

Kristy said on Saturday – just 2 weeks after Ben’s accident:

Today Ben seems to have come back more mentally.  We’re pinching ourselves with the speed of his recovery!! 

Photo – Kristy, Ben and Leon – Saturday – November 19


3 Responses to “Ben is making great progress!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The Light of God’s love enfolds you. The gratitude in your hearts smiles through you. Prayers heard and answered,Thanks be to God and Master. Abundant blessings to you all in 2012. Marion

  2. paula jones Says:

    We are all thrilled at Ben’s progress. The whole family radiates a brightness.

  3. Steve Navisky Says:

    What a blessing to see God’s light and healing miracles before your eyes. Yeah Ben, Kristy and Leon. God and Guru bless you all and keep you well. Steve Navisky, Ananda Village

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