Benjamin update 11/17

Please keep Ben in your prayers. He is doing remarkably well, and I believe the prayers are a key factor in that, along with his good spirit and excellent medical care. On Tuesday he was driven to Boston, MA for his next phase of recovery at Spaulding Rehabilitation hospital, which may take a few weeks.

Please keep him in your prayers. On Nov 5th he got a fractured skull, and some injury to the brain itself, and it has affected his short term memory.  He also has some trouble with walking and coordination.  See his brain filled with healing light, and especially his forehead filled with light.

He is expected to make a full recovery; let’s surround him in healing light to safeguard the process, and “Make it so.”

Please also keep his parents, Leon and Kristy, in your prayers.  They are so very grateful for everyone’s prayers for Ben.

I will continue to post updates here on this blog.

God bless you.


Mary Kretzmann

PS – Below is a recent note from Kristy:

Dear Friends and family,

Ben would appear to each of you as a fully functioning person with a little trouble with walking, coordination and short term memory.

My sister and brother in law drove him to Spaulding Rehabilitation hospital in Boston from Albany, NY, on Tuesday where he is expected to need a few weeks before moving on to out patient rehabilitation.  Leon and I met with his doctors Tuesday evening and they stated Ben has had a “remarkable recovery” thus far.  Ben stated to the doctor he thought he was about 95% of his normal self but because people tell him he has little short term memory perhaps not quite that high.  This was only 10 days after his accident.

There is some question about possible seizures, and other limitations in the future. However, with all of your prayers and Divine grace he is on track for a full recovery.

We are all ever grateful for your loving prayers and support.  God bless each of you, Kristy

Ben, Kristy and Leon in Maine, 2010

3 Responses to “Benjamin update 11/17”

  1. marykretzmann Says:

    And here is a note I received in an email from a prayer ministry member traveling in India right now:

    Dear Mary,

    I’m in Benares with Sw. Divya Chetanananda. I asked him to bless Ben, and he later said, “I did something for him.” I do hope this fine boy recovers, but of course his life is always in God’s hands, no matter what ensues. I saw Jaya and Sadhana in Gurgaon, and I plan to visit Swamiji in Pune before my return.

    Love to you, with prayers for Ben,


  2. Bill Nelson Says:

    What an honor to be a part of the prayer team for this young man.

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