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Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry Newsletter

Visualize the planet floating in space between your divinely charged hands…Invoke the blessings of Babaji and Christ to fill the planet with Healing Light…See Divine Mother blessing all in Her Love.

November 311 Dwapara

Dear Ones,

Last month I wrote about the Peace and Harmony Prayer, and I’ve heard back that people are feeling blessed from the practice.  Beautiful! And we received this lovely note of gratitude: Thank you for the healing prayers on my behalf as I seek employment for work in a new field – I feel uplifted, see new possibilities, and think of ways to help others as an instrument of the Divine. I am so grateful for the prayers of the Healing Prayer Ministry. God bless you. – LH

Thanksgiving comes later this month. Remember, the Pilgrims were giving thanks that they had survived that extremely difficult first year.  Likewise, many people around the world are feeling economic hardship and other difficulties. It is easy for people to fall into fear, but if we hold on to higher thoughts and vibrations, it serves all.  Stay grateful for the blessings in your life; nurture them that they may grow, and thus bless others through your generous spirit.

Remain grateful and generous, always. God is ever with you.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry


Unselfishness is the only lasting way to secure individual prosperity.  Paramhansa Yogananda

The meaning of “neighbor
Always avoid the evil of selfishness. Any person who lives selfishly for himself does not really live at all, for he chokes the expansion of his life. But when a person extends his sympathy from his family, to his neighbors, and to the world, he expands and connects his little life to its source in the eternal life of God…

Universal sympathy and love
Disease, universal depression, war—all these are making nations realize more and more that national security, prosperity, and health are dependent upon international development and world unity. We are a part of the world family and cannot exist without it….Real world unity and permanent prosperity, peace, and joy require that we feel that we are all children of the One Father, God….You can only develop this kind of universal sympathy and love through meditation and spiritual effort. Actual steps must be taken to live the brotherhood preached by Christ and the masters of all religions, and to learn to “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

From The Causes of Economic Depression, by Paramhansa Yogananda  – from Clarity Magazine – online


Update on our healing prayer group in Kenya

                Last year I told you about Rev. Wangai in Kitale, Kenya. He has been a member of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry for many years now.  He helps several small, poor congregations, and also cares for a group of AIDS widows and their children. In addition, since some of the AIDS mothers have died, Rev. Wangai and his wife have decided to take in 10 of the orphans into their own home, to give them better care.

Many people from the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry donated money to help Rev. Wangai in this special work. Over the course of many months, we sent money for 8 treadle sewing machines, cloth, goats and chickens.  They have done very well getting these projects going.   We also sent him a copy of  The Second Coming of Christ, by Paramhansa Yogananda. He reads from it each day, and then teaches it to his congregation and the group of widows who work on the sewing project.

One woman, Lucy, wrote to me, “There are teachings you have taught Rev Wangai, and he has been teaching us .Everyday we pray before we start work, at lunch time one hour and evening we pray when we are closing down our work. It has helped we as women in our project so much….God bless you…”

I have also sent to him instructions on meditation, affirmations, and several prayers to teach the congregation including “I was made for Thee” by Paramhansa Yogananda. They are very grateful for both the material and spiritual help. They really feel it. He is also sharing some of these teachings with other ministers in the surrounding area.

Please send them prayers, and also monetary help, if you feel so inspired… Love, in God, Christ, Guru……Mary K

                (To see more – please go to

Rev Wangai teaching the Divine Mother Healing Prayer               Group photo after Sunday Service



Food Distribution in the outlying drought and famine areas

Dear  Reverend  Mary,

Receive much greetings, I have sent you a pictures of Sunday service. In the picture they is my son, do you remember when I use to tell you to pray for him to get saved. Now he prays for convicts in correction facilities in Kenya. Your prayers helped him, he taught the children on Sunday. One orphan child got ill at night, we had to rush her to hospital at night. These children being together will make it easier for us to take care of them. By time God will help us be able to buy a farm and build a house for this big family of mine. May God bless you….Rev.Wangai


If you would like to help, please send any gift you like to me at the Ananda mailing address. 100% of the money is used to help this project. Please just mention it with your check – Mary Kretzmann, 14618 Tyler Foote Road, Nevada City, CA  – 95959

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