Prayers for Gopal Hari

Here is a way to send positive, healing vibrations to England following their recent riots.  I am requesting prayers today to help another spiritual group in their time of need.

I received a prayer request today regarding Gopal Harilead singer of “Goma”a very special kirtan group in England. Please pray for him for a few days (or longer if you wish) and we will also put his name on our regular prayer list.

Gopal Hari and his wife, Ambika, have been serving their Guru, Sri Haidakhand Baba, for over 25 years.

Here is the most recent post from their blog:

LATEST NEWS Thursday 4th August 2011: The recent brain biopsy result shows a high grade primary cancerous tumour, which is inoperable.  The option of a course of radiotherapy is being considered.  Gopal Hari continues to spend time at home with his family and close friends.  Ambika has asked for us “not to focus on the sadness but to focus on the prayer”.  Thank you.  Om Namah Shivaya

If you want to receive updates on Gopal Hari, then please simply, check back on their blog, Goma.

God bless you all.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

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