Extra Prayers for Swamiji

Note from Swamiji,  sent to the community:

Dear Ones,

 You may forward this to anyone you want to. This is nothing very serious, but still, something to be aware of. After all, I am 85 years old now.

 I’ve been feeling very tired, especially in my heart. People say I look “radiant” in the Gita video recordings. Well, thank God for small favors, but I have to say it isn’t easy to do as much as I’ve done in the past. Agasthya predicted six more years of life for me. Well, we shall see. 

I went to a cardiologist today. He told me my heart is pumping at, maximum, 25% efficiency. It has been 50% in the past. He says it doesn’t move much. He showed his hand, barely moving the fingers inward, never closing.

The problem, it seems, will be at last partially resolved if I can reduce the fluid in my body quite a bit more. I’m going to take much more diuretics, also intravenously. My weight may go to less than 140 lbs. Now it is in the high 140s. I already look like a skeleton. My upper arm isn’t much thicker than my wrist. But there’s too much weight around my abdomen.

 I must greatly reduce the amount of work I do. Probably I shouldn’t record more than five TV shows a day. People take a lot of energy out of me. I should give less energy on that level. I need to walk a little more, but not too much.

I am not at all afraid of death. Rather, I look forward to it. But if Master still needs me here, I am happy hang in there as long as he needs me. I can only add, I would like to live usefully. I don’t feel I am being very useful just now, but still, I am doing something. And five programs a day is still something.

 My love to all of you,


Dear Family,

Note from Narayani and Miriam:

We humbly ask your prayers for Swamiji at this time. This afternoon we went to the cardiologist for a test on his heart. It is pumping less efficiently than it does normally. It seems that reason is due to much fluid in his body, as often in the past, which Miriam( backing by Dr. Peter) are taking care of the situation very well. The cardiologist recomended Swamiji a stronger medicine which will help hem to reduce the fluid and make his heart stronger (don’t ask me why! I am far away of medical understanding!!!) If everything goes well (which it will), in 3-4 days his heart’s efficiency should improve again.   He plans to continue recording tomorrow. This is why we are “SO SURE” that our prayers are going to change the whole situation and make him feel stronger and younger than ever!   May the Divine Mother Healing Energy flow through all of us so we can gave it to Swamiji. Everything comes from God, and everything goes to God!   Thank you all…..we´ll keep you posted!

In Gratitude,
Narayani and Miriam


Note from Mary K- click on photo to read more about Swamiji


15 Responses to “Extra Prayers for Swamiji”

  1. Kaveetaa Kaul Says:

    Anxious to know the latest update on Swamiji’s health. He is Divine Mothers special child and She is watching over him every second, I am sure.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Take care Swamiji..Relax and enjoy your life..Do not worry about working

    • Vishnu (Phil Vzlentine Says:

      You have my Love Swamiji always! We go back to the early 70’s. I worked on your dome back then and was aware you were meditating for hours! Master has tested both of us! “We are one in our Love for Him”, how blessed you are to have known Him in the flesh! I am blessed to have studied with you! You will be fine as God has the greastest Love for Your Soul and is in charge of your life force as you know! What ever happens Swamiji, we will meet again on this earth plane or on the astral, all just a passing show in forever! Sending you my prayers and blessings!!! Love and Light!!! Vishnu (Phil Valentine) (((OM)))

  3. marykretzmann Says:

    UPDATE from Narayani:

    Dear Ones,

    Swamiji is doing a little better. His heart more or less is the same as yesterday, but his energy is better. In fact, he did recording this morning, and it went really well! Jai Guru!
    This afternoon we went for a little outing and it did him lot of good! I do really believe your prayers are making this miracle happen and his heart energy will increase faster than we think.
    As the Ananda Song say: “Many hands make a miracle”, we should very well say, “Many prayers make the miracles”!!

    Thank you all for your support and loving thoughts! Such a wonderful family we all are!

    In deep gratitude,

  4. Anonymous Says:

    No.1 You are ONLY 85 years old
    No.2 Well, Agasthya predicted the minimum
    No.3 5IVE tv shows A DAY??

    YES! The world needs you Swamiji
    We can exchange ‘it’ if you want. I’m 30 years old.

  5. Alan Gosink Says:

    Swamiji has always taught me by way of the Heart. He is more as a Mother to me. I met this great Soul in November 1969. He was teaching a Yoga class in the City where I lived. When we arrived at the banquet Hall, of the YWCA, there were only the three of us present. 20 or so chairs were set up. I remember thinking, “I really feel sorry for the guy.” May Master forgive me! Swamiji entered the stage and smiled at the 3 of us. He spoke of Divine Love, of Yoga and of meditation. These were all new ideas for me. Anyway, after the lecture ended, Swamiji introduced himself to us. In talking to Him, He seemed to be very tall and sort of over whelming to me. I noticed that I was speaking to him about questions that I had. I seemed to be speaking faster and faster. Swamiji said to me, “You’re not ready to talk to me but someday you will be.” i had no idea of what he was talking about, however my mind was in a state of Peace that I had never known. For the first time in my life I couldn’t talk.
    4 years later, I was ready. And the doorway,that Master brought me to, has allowed me to experience unconditional love. During these 38 years, I wrote to Swamiji many times, and He always wrote me back. He is my Friend who has loves me unconditionally, and He has tended to me as a Mother does to her child. Swamiji’s only concern was to guide me as Master has wished.
    I pray to have Divine Mother tend to this great soul.

    In Master

  6. Brindey Says:

    We are sending our strongest deepest prayers for Light and Energy Divine to be received by our Swamiji!
    Now is the time for all to pick up the slack and lift up Swamiji, for he has carried many of us for many years!
    May our Beloveds Divine Glorious Perfect Will be done, for Swamiji!!! AUM Guru!!!

  7. Kaveetaa Kaul Says:

    Alongside Babaji, Divine Mother, Master from now on Swami ji will be in my thoughts and prayers every single time I even think of them.. although he is always there at the beginning of every meditation session.My innermost prayers with whatever sincere energy I can summon will be to ask Mother to heal Swami ji and radiate his health with Her energy.My days are filled with Swami jis talks and songs. It pains me to think that he is so frail. But, he does signify bliss, unmistakably.

    Wish there was some way that our Love for him would immediately translate into Heath for him. Divine Mother is kind..She cannot ignore our pleas.

    Our prayers are SURELY going to make him feel stronger and younger. Aum.

  8. suman arora Says:

    My deepest prayers for Swamiji——-you have been doing so much——being useful is an understatement.
    Love and peace!

  9. sonyauppal Says:

    We are sending our deep Prayers for Swamiji Healthy body+spirits!
    May he be healed for coming time and able to fulfill master’s work with his generous actions!

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