“Casting Out Spirits” June 311 Newsletter

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Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

June 311 Dwapara

Visualize the planet floating in space between your divinely charged hands…Invoke the blessings of Babaji and Christ to fill the planet with Healing Light…See Divine Mother blessing all in Her Love.

Dear Ones,

Please continue to send your prayerful blessings around the Earth. There is always a great need, and this is our way to contribute to the forces of Light. And the healing prayers for those sick in body, mind, and soul are, of course, a wonderful transmission of Light in this world.

This month I felt guided to tell you about an aspect of the healing prayer ministry that I have been very quiet for years about unless a person asked me about it directly, and that is the casting out of dark spirits. Yes, it is real; for an excellent in-depth discussion of that, please read, Revelations of Christ, Proclaimed by Paramhansa Yogananda, Presented by his disciple, Swami Kriyananda.

These prayers require a deep and powerful faith in God, Christ, Guru. I have seen lives profoundly changed when they are done correctly. I strongly advise against getting involved in such prayers unless you feel called into this service. It is serious business, but sometimes it must be done. I normally prefer to do these with a prayer partner, or by asking a few friends to pray for me before and after I do such prayers. This is a precaution because one never knows how strong or embedded the force will be, and if it will seek retribution. But if I surround myself strongly in the Light of God, Christ, Guru, I am protected. One time I forgot to do this deeply enough and I was awakened by the forces that had been cleared out of a person that day. I called out to Master and they dispersed. (They really can’t stand the Light.) Of course, now I am careful and ask for those extra prayers – just to be safe; I also surround myself in Light before and after the prayers, and before I sleep.

I have a wonderful e-mail team of about 12 people who support me in these prayers. We also have a healing prayer “core group” of about 20 people at Ananda Village who offer similar prayer support. Both groups help with “unusual” prayers that come in, including praying for souls of people who have recently committed suicide. (I don’t expect everyone to be comfortable with that, so I don’t put those prayers on the regular healing prayer list. I may mention the family on the regular list – but I won’t “assign” you the name of the suicide victim as the main focus of your prayers. That I leave for this special group, but I always caution them to feel free to decline if they are not feeling particularly robust that day.)

Revelations of Christ, Proclaimed by Paramhansa Yogananda

Presented by his disciple, Swami Kriyananda

Excerpt from Chapter Fourteen: Does Satan Exist?

“…Both angels and demons are realities. Good forces abound wherever uplifting influences and vibrations are set into motion: in churches and temples, for example, and in the vibrations felt in clean, pure, and uplifting environments. Evil forces gather where low vibrations are prevalent: in bars, nightclubs, and similar places where the prevailing consciousness is base.

I remember Yogananda once exclaiming during a Kriya Yoga initiation (in 1949): ‘Thousands of angels passed through the room today!’ By contrast, the evil forces that permeate low ‘dives’ (in itself, a suggestive word!) are actually demonic. Demons and devils are by no means the products of mere imagination. They are living, conscious entities that, having steeped themselves in evil, reflect in their consciousness, and even in their bodies, the evil thoughts and feelings that absorb them…

… Do not play with those dark forces! They are real. They exist. And they can determine whether you rise toward happiness or fall into wretched misery and despair. Man is little more than a pawn in the cosmic game. Wars are waged first in heaven, between forces demonic and divine. Mankind on earth is capable in that struggle of serving as an instrument for one side or the other…

…Above all, therefore, invite goodness into your consciousness. The battle will be half won, once you realize that you yourself are not the source of any virtue that you manifest, nor of any delusion, but that you can, if you choose, become an instrument in the world for divine love and bliss.

For those of you who feel called into prayerful service in this arena, I also highly recommend The Second Coming of Christ by Paramhansa Yogananda. (It is available on Amazon.com for a discounted price. The hardcover version contains wonderful artwork depicting the life of Christ, by Heinrich Hoffman, adding to the devotional nature of the book.)

I pray over this book before and/or after doing these “casting out” prayers, and feel very powerfully, lovingly, and precisely guided by Christ and Yogananda. I not only love this book; I need it. Two chapters are particularly helpful, “The Healing of the Sick” and “Casting Out Demons” –adding his divine wisdom to the collective knowledge on this topic.

I hope this letter has added to your understanding. If after praying about it you feel guided to help on this special prayer team, please do let me know. I am not expecting a flood of responses– so don’t feel bad if you get an inner “no” on this one. That’s perfectly alright. And please know the “regular” prayer list remains the core of this ministry. Thank you for all you do!

God bless you all.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

14618 Tyler Foote Road Nevada City, CA 95959

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