Radiation Detox Book

A friend sent me this link and asked me to share it…
“Radiation Detox book” – pdf

May the author, Bill Bodri, be blessed.

I hope we never need this information….
Click on link to access.

Radiation Detox Book

(123 pages)


Mary Kretzmann

PS. Her note said:  “..It is copyrighted, but the Internet page appears to be by the author, and is offering it for free download.”


More good resources:

1) Radioactive Fallout Update: Fear is the Mind Killer

By Jon Barron

(A very calm and practical guide)


by Azlan White on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 8:39pm

A synopsis of the pdf book mentioned above in my post

– Information from http://www.radiationdetox.com

3) My March Newsletter and comment field has additional information

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One Response to “Radiation Detox Book”

  1. ranitanatural Says:

    i love to eat chlorella an spirulina to protect me from the radiation

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