Continued prayers for Japan

The reports from Japan continue to be of great concern…

Here at Ananda Village, our healing prayer hotline is praying deeply about this situation… Please join with us using the visualization in the newsletter, below… Or chant AUM 15 times sending healing to all those in Japan…

You can also use your loving devotion to invoke the divine presence of the avatar Buddha over all of Japan. God is ONE.


Preparing in case of Nuclear Fallout

This is very helpful information, as well, but please remember we are not yet at this point – but it is good to have some kelp or iodine on hand…

Japan tsunami victims amid nuclear fears

Also please see many helpful ideas in my previous post (be sure to check the comment field for ideas, too.)

March 311 – Earthquake-Tsunami

Master’s Blessings on all of you,

in His Light,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry – Prayers for World Peace

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3 Responses to “Continued prayers for Japan”

  1. WANGAI Says:

    please pray for my ministry, MASTERS HOUSE and the orphans and widows in my ministry. There is also one child Gabu Wabwire 7 yrs who is sick in hospital remember him in prayers.

  2. nayaswami shankari Says:

    Dear Mary,
    Thank you! This is very helpful. The photos are also very inspiring for peace and inner strength.
    We have been praying for our dear ones in Japan especially since last week. The magnificent, exemplary character shown by the Japanese people through this time has been very impressive. May the world take note of this and follows suit.

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