FREE Healing Webinars


The next Healing Prayer Webinar is tomorrow – TUESDAY at 6pm PST.

Below is a streamlined way to keep you informed of upcoming FREE healing prayer webinars.  Please follow these easy steps to sign up the FIRST time – after that it  will be automatic!

FREE to members of the Ananda healing prayer council, and any friends you invite:

1)      Please click on this link: – which will take you to Ananda Online Classes (which has many free resources for you.)

2)     If you are already a member, please sign in

3) If you are not a member – please sign up (it’s FREE)

4) Once you are signed in, please click on this special healing prayer link:

5) It will ask you if you want to join the course (meaning the healing prayer webinar) – click YES – and…it’s free…

Once you’ve become a member, it will then send you a reminder of upcoming healing prayer webinars. I hope you can join us. It is a powerful way to pray together. I will lead the group through prayers for the planet and for individuals. You can type in prayer requests during the event.

And, as always – please keep Swamiji in your prayers. He is doing well – but the prayers are a way for us to offer our support to him.

God bless you all.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann, for the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry


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