Making “Healing Water”

This post has several approaches and resources related to making healing water.  And, because most of the world is made of water, these concepts are also pertinent to our understanding of prayers for the planet.

Treat this post as a “mini-course” on making healing water.   I discussed this briefly in my most recent healing prayer webinar, so I wanted to offer these resources to all of you now. This post contains 5 brief you-tube videos related to this topic.

Last week, to work on the vibrational level of healing, I decided to “bless” some drinking water, inspired by some stories from Dr. Emoto, author of Messages from Water.   Earlier in his career he had done some studies in which people were healed entirely by Hado water – which is based on the same principles as those in his book.

Paramhansa Yogananda taught that the heart chakra feeds the physical heart, lungs, and arms and hands. So I decided on using the term “Divine Love” for my healing water.  I wrote this on a one gallon glass jar, filled it with water, and then sent loving healing energy into it for one minute, using a hands-on prayer technique as taught by Yogananda. I set the timer for this, but once the energy was flowing I wanted to stay with it longer than a minute…When I felt done, I stopped.  A little later I tasted the water and it “felt” positive but not really distinct beyond that.

Prayer method used to send healing energy to the water:

There is also a potent force in the power of belief, both for the patient to see himself or herself well, and for the “healer” to see the patient well.  Dr. Emoto says that it was his intent that changed the water – more so than the writing…  (Similar to discoveries from quantum physics.) It can also be changed without any words on the bottle, as was demonstrated in his experiments in testing water before and after it was blessed by a Buddhist priest, and another time after it sat in a bowl next to a deeply meditating yogi.

Several hours later I had another drink of the water – and this time I could really feel the energy in it. It felt wonderful…and I was surprised at how “light” it felt…I was not anticipating this feeling,  so I don’t think it was only based on my expectations…But of course this was entirely subjective – but based on something that has been tested before, so that gave me faith in the process.

I’ve used this healing water every day now for the past week, and I find it a beneficial addition to many things I am doing currently for healing in body, mind and soul.  I also believe it is beneficial support for praying for the planet, and for individual.

This affirmation on the heart chakra by Paramhansa Yogananda is very helpful for general healing, and especially for any issues related to the heart chakra (heart, lungs, breasts,  etc. )

Close your eyes, and concentrate deeply on the heart center – feeling the throbbing of the heart and repeat with devotion and feeling:

Thou art Love, Thou art Love, I am Thine, Thou art mine, I am Thine, Thou art mine; I am love, I am love, love is healthy, love is perfect; I am healthy, I am love, I am whole,  I am perfect.

Watch: Grape Flower Essence for Love…

…based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

Flower Essences from Spirit-in-Nature Essences

Video with Lila Devi


Heal Thyself

book by Stephen Pollitt

Recently I’ve been reading Heal Thyself, by Stephen Pollitt. He also uses healing water, similar to Dr. Emoto, but with a few differences.

NayaSwami Kriyananda has been very impressed with his work, and numerous people in the Ananda community are using water as per his healing water system.

Stephen Pollitt  – “Heal Thyself” Part 1&2

Stephen Pollitt  – “Heal Thyself” Part 3 & 4


6 Responses to “Making “Healing Water””

  1. Rev.Michael Sherbert Says:


    Truly wonderful advice here,which in the Church of the East,all people keep blessed water,salt,oil,bread,and incense within there homes upon their Home altars,so it there as need,everything but the incense can be taken internal,even though if you think about burning incense you are breathing it in…..But things just really ring of reality here !


    Michael +

  2. marykretzmann Says:

    A friend form Arizona told me yesterday that she has been using the Spirit-in-Nature Essences for the past 2 years, and this has helped her overcome a very serious mental illness. She is now off all medications and is doing quite well. She has also been doing her yoga and meditation, which is the backbone of her healing, but she feel that the essences have been very instrumental, as well.

    I asked her to post her own testimony here, but for now I wanted to at least say this much!

    Mary K

  3. marykretzmann Says:

    From a long time member of the Healing Prayer Council, John M.:

    …I wrote “OM” three times on our water jug and then used Master’s healing technique on the jug….and guess what… the water tastes like nectar. I have started doing it with all of our foods and beverages. They sure taste better!!!when they are blessed like that…
    Jai Guru. Jai Divine Mother.
    John M.
    North Carolina

  4. marykretzmann Says:

    from a dear friend in God, and a long-time member of the Healing Prayer Ministry

    Dearest Mary,

    Thank you for your encouragement, and especially for the Healing Water reminder!

    This morning, I felt kind of discouraged in my studying for my A & P test, with the sense of not being able to grasp and remember everything by tomorrow. I watched your presentation on Healing Water, then created my mason jar ‘healing vessel’ with all the positive wording of Masaru Emoto on it, plus AUMs and chanting from Master. . . I already felt better after this ritual, and having my healing vessel beside me.

    As I was drinking this afternoon and evening from this water, I felt more and more uplifted. Now, I am feeling gratitude, love, trust, relief, and clarity.
    I am positive to make my exam tomorrow.

    Thank you with Love and Blessings,

  5. marykretzmann Says:

    From a European member of the Ananda Healing Prayer Council:

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful healing newsletter. It is always a joy to read them. this one especially, because of the topic. I’d like to share my experience with you:

    I’m now using the healing water (source energy medicine) with the labels since end of December and I’m really amazed how effective it is. The water tastes totally different, is more clear, but the best is: the effect it has on my total being.
    Sadhana goes better, worldly things are easier to overcome, the body issues are finally (after 2 years) really in a positive progress.
    And that may be subjective, but I go to a doctor every month to be followed up with the health issues, he always first measure my energy system with electrodes etc.. He was amazed seeing that several chakra’s responded in a positive way. It is for the first time the body react in such a positive way, since several years.

    I’m sure that SEM together with sadhana and right attitude did it all! Aum
    In gratitude, and Masters’ love and light

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