UPDATE on Nayaswami Maria

Dear Ones,

Devarshi, husband of Maria, sent this message and asked for renewed prayers for Maria at this time. May her transition, and the time leading up to it,  continue to  be peaceful and blessed…

God bless you all…


Mary Kretzmann

For original prayer message, please click here.

Nayaswami Maria Warner

Update from Devarshi:

Monday Night:

Maria was much more relaxed and withdrawn today, and the nausea seems to have gone. She isn’t taking any water, except a wet sponge on the lips occasionally. Also not talking, and moving very little… She seems very very peaceful, and her face is angelic and even youthful looking. There is not much of her that is attached to the body at this point. Her breathing is almost inaudible at times. But the body can still hold on for a while like this, maybe just from its own momentum…


…She is generally very comfortable, even on relatively low levels of painkillers.…She has had no signs of anxiety, sentiment, attachment, or anything of the sort – just a sense of peace and freedom.


26 Responses to “UPDATE on Nayaswami Maria”

  1. Deniece Says:

    May our Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Friend, Beloved God grant you liberation as you transition Home to Infinite Bliss. We Love you.

  2. Brindey Says:

    Dearest Sri Maria,
    Your soul shown through your eyes, and I felt your spirit send me Joy and Love. You are ever in our Beloveds Arms, and it has been a blessing to know you. God and Gurus Divine speed! In our Divine ones Love, Brindey

  3. Richard and Vani Salva Says:

    Dear Maria,

    We would like to say, in Swami’s words, with deep feeling:

    “Go with love. May joyful blessings speed you safely on your way. May God’s light expand within you. May we be one in that Light someday.”

    Thank you, dear sister, for the gift of your friendship. We wish you complete freedom in God’s light.

    Blessings and love,

    Richard and Vani

  4. Pat Warner Says:


    I feel one part sadness, several parts mystery and many, many parts joy for this journey that you are on. Your service to Master through those of us that you have touched is indelibly etched in the ether and upon our souls. I know that Master was always looking out for my spiritual welfare through your unsparing, loving guidance. Go completely into His Light, sister!


  5. Nirmama Babsi Clark Says:

    “Show me where it hurts, God said, and every cell in my body
    burst into tears before his tender eyes. He has repaid me
    though for all my suffering in a way I never wanted: The sun
    is now in homage to my face, because it knows I have seen
    God. But that was not His payment. The soul cannot describe
    His gift. I just spoke about the sun like that because I like
    beautiful words, and because it is true: Creation is in homage
    to us.” Rabia
    Yes, I too am in homage to you beautiful Marushka sister, you touche my heart with your warrior walk and devotion! Thank you for your life lived for God!

  6. Jinnae and Rodric Anderson Says:

    Maria, we are holding you deeply in our prayers. We can see Master’s loving arms wide open to welcome you when you transition. You have touched our lives in beautiful ways and we will always remember you with love. Blessings and comfort to Devarshi. How we will miss Maria on this plane.

  7. Adrianne Ross Says:

    She looks so young and radiant. She has touched my heart from merely looking at the photograph.

    My all that happens next be for her best and highest good.

  8. Kalyani Says:

    Dear Maria,

    I just heard today, December 1st, you are leaving us. God lift you up, and support Devarshi. Thank you for your lifelong humble service to Master and the gurus. I expect you will be met by them and your big sister.

    See you in Eternity, Kalyani

  9. Naima Says:

    A warm thank you for sharing. Maria and Devarshi have touched me very very deeply. Blessings and love in Master,

  10. Aumkara Newhouse Says:

    Devarshi and Maria have touched so many souls – her eyes were the shape of a child so often… I am blessed to have shared time with her. So glad she is going into the light most likely to help other souls.

    Too soon for my human heart though … I miss the opportunity already to share a simple hello soul to soul through the human voice with her.

    They are both such true soul friends. Some of Master’s finest.

    Blessings Maria you will be missed!

    Love in Divine Mother,


  11. Judi Coup Says:

    My prayers and thoughts have been with Maria and Devarshi at this time. They have brought so much into my life, God bless you.

  12. Prema Says:

    God bless You Maria ❤

  13. Margaret Tlustos Says:

    Thank you so much for this update, Mary, it was very thoughtful of you. Maria and Devarshi have been very much in my heart and thoughts.

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