Prayers for a new mom in London

Dear Ones,

Please pray for this young woman:

Amy N.

London, England

Age 27, mother of two children (one a newborn)

She was depressed  and exhausted – taking care of her own 2 children plus 3 “step-children”  children of  a Jamaican man she was involved withSo let’s just say she reached her limit…and jumped from an 8th story building a day or 2 ago. (I just got the call today…)

She is quite petite and shattered most of her bones… The prognosis is that “she will be a cripple..”

Please surround her in Light. May he be healed…body, mind, and soul.  May she draw closer to God.

(Years go we prayed for a man who had jumped from the 10th floor, I believe, and he is walking around fine…)

We have received  many prayer requests lately regarding suicide. It is very sad – it can be hard on me to receive these calls. They hit me the hardest of just about any prayer requests. There is always a sense of tragedy and shock. So – I am very happy for this young woman, Amy,  that she survived…God has a plan.

The most important thing is “preventing suicide” is to teach people to lift their thoughts and energy up the spine to  the point between the eyebrows, dynamically and on a daily basis. The affirmation, below, is a fantastic aid to help people beat discouragement directly.

I made this video with my new webcam today. The quality is okay – I hope to improve on it.

“I will with my own will…” Yogananda affirmation

Below is a link to a a blog I wrote last year on how to pray for the souls of a suicide:

The saddest prayers…

Master bless you all,

Mary Kretzmann


3 Responses to “Prayers for a new mom in London”

  1. carol coburn Says:

    Thank you so much for all the work you do in the healing ministry. The video on the thrid eye and the affirmation you recommended is a gift. I am adding Amy N. to the list of people I pray for.


  2. Bill Nelson Says:

    Dearest Mary,
    Bless you dear one for your compassion and all that you are doing.

  3. Margaret Tlustos Says:

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you very, very much for sharing the blog on prayers around suicide and for the video you made. I am also so grateful for the prayer request for Amy N. in London. I will add my prayers for her and her family.

    Bless you for the work you are doing in carrying on Yogananda’s healing ministry and for giving all of us the opportunity to join with you. I feel it is the most important thing I do and am so blessed by it. The work you are doing is so important. Thank you sincerely, and God bless you.


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