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Sea gulls - Gulf of Mexico

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This guides you through a healing prayer for Nayaswami Kriyananda (for his general health and well-being). He is in his 80’s now and this is our way to support him in his many ongoing spiritual efforts to help us all.

Next is a guided visualization for healing the planet, and then for the Gulf of Mexico. I have found in the past that when one is praying for a planetary concern, and the news finally gets positive – that is NOT the time to quit. Instead it is best to see it through, and pray until the situation is stabilized.

When one looks at how bad the news was for so long, we can guess the karmic potential for this disaster.  But the prayers of many people have invoked divine grace to the situation.  (I have been told the visualizations in these e-mails have been used by other prayer groups in the Gulf. So very many people are invoking this much-needed grace.)

The crews on the rig are ahead of schedule in drilling for the final plugging of the well. It is a very sensitive operation and calls for continual testing for the integrity of the pipe they will be plugging. Continue to visualize Divine Mother above the Gulf of Mexico – invoking her healing Light on all of the water and on the shore line. Then, in addition to that – spend some time invoking her grace on the crew of the rig – those who are trying to plug the well.

Right now there is a lot of negativity directed toward that rig.  That is understandable, but it is counterproductive to prayer and to the effort to plug the well, and the healing of the Gulf. Right now we need to focus on the plugging of that well. There is much speculation of whether or not it is possible, and if the pipe is intact enough to handle it. that is why I visualize the crew in this Light of Divine Mother – being guided every step of the way. I ask that they be awake and aware, and open to divine  intuition and superconcsious ideas. The first time I lead the group in praying this way – I could actually feel the crew receiving the prayers…These things are fully possible.

Also – I believe it is fully possible, through God’s grace, that the pipe could be “healed” by Light.  I fully believe that Divine Light can transcend material laws…However, having said that, I don’t know that we ‘deserve’ such extraordinary grace right now. Are we embracing God’s Light right now as a nation? But, with extraordinary prayer on behalf of the many – perhaps such grace and mitigation is also possible.

As we live more and more in God’s Light then that light can be made manifest.  But right now the main focus of our prayers is for God’s illuminating grace to flow through the intelligence and intentions of all involved…

BREAKING NEWS: and we’ll take any good news we can get!

Gulf boats having trouble finding any oil

WASHINGTON — Some 750 boats drafted in to scoop up oil from the Gulf of Mexico are having “trouble” finding any crude in the sea, a top US official said Wednesday, almost a week after a busted well was capped…

“We are starting to have trouble finding oil,” US pointman Admiral Thad Allen, who is in charge of handling the government’s response, told reporters.

The boats, which have been drafted in to skim oil off the surface of the Gulf, are “really having to search for the oil in some cases” around the area of the capped well, he added…

…Allen said some of the boats used in the skimming operations were being brought ashore for repairs, as attention turned more towards cleaning up the oil that has already washed ashore along five Gulf coasts.

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I hope some of you can join me at 12 NOON – Pacific Standard time next Wednesday. This will be our 4th healing prayer webinar – 30 minutes. I plan to keep these free for this group, and I may also add a Monday evening time slot (5:30 PM – PST) in August. Let me know…Sign up below – it is free…



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  1. Obdulia Przedwiecki Says:

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  2. Eunice Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on illustrazione.

  3. marykretzmann Says:

    My friend Paula in New York sent me this:

    Dear Mary,
    I got the webimar or whatever it’s called just now! Filled with Grace and gentle Healing Power.
    Thank you. I really liked praying together for Swamiji and each step of what you said. And thinking of Divine Mother’s hem touching all the shorelines.

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