Gulf: So far so good…cap is working…testing…

Good news – the cap is working…Keep praying…Ask Divine Mother’s grace to flow within  and around this situation and around all those working on this…Visualize Divine Grace permeating every aspect of this effort.  Emphasize the invocation of the flow of grace and blessings (rather than just “please let the cap work”)   – so that all involved may be aware of the best solutions and the best possible outcome.

BP COO Doug Suttles has announced that the new containment cap installed 3 days ago on the damaged Macondo well has completely stopped the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico…Suttles was guardedly optimistic about the continued success of the well integrity test, warning that we are not out of the woods just yet…

More: click here:

BP temporarily stops oil flow into Gulf of Mexico with new containment cap

In case you haven’t already seen it, I have outlined a very helpful prayer and visualization here in the July Healing Prayer Newsletter.

God bless you all…


Mary Kretzmann

PS – FREE HEALING PRAYER VIDEO: Watch the video of  our most recent healing prayer webinar please click here.

Contents: The three aspects of AUM, How to do deeper prayers at a distance, Prayers for Swamiji, Prayers for the Gulf of Mexico

Hint – it is a big file – so you may want to let it download first…

Many thanks to Ananda Online Classes for this video!

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