Gulf: Sealing Cap is On! Needs testing…


Whenever we are praying for planetary healing – I watch first for a “sea change” in the news coming from the event.  For so long, the news was pretty consistently negative…but now we are seeing some positive news come out about the leak itself.   So we need to focus on that and continue to be instruments of hope and Light.

Please continue to send positive energy as suggested in the July Healing Prayer Council Newsletter

HOUSTON—BP PLC said Monday night it had installed a new sealing cap that could halt the oil spewing from its broken well in the Gulf of Mexico, raising the possibility that a nearly three-month long environmental crisis could soon be contained…

It could be another 48 hours before the company knows if the cap has entirely sealed the well. During that period, the company will perform a series of pressure tests to check the well’s integrity…

…As BP tests the new cap, a high pressure reading would be good news, indicating that the well is in fine shape and the new cap is confining all the oil.

More at: Wall Street Journal:

BP Installs Sealing Cap on Errant Well

Of course, much healing is also needed for the Gulf itself, due to the large amount of oil that has already leaked.  But the healing visualization in the July Healing Prayer Council Newsletter addresses that, too. Divine Mother’s Light will bless all levels – but the first and most visible need is to stop the leak.  Stay in the Light.  Your thoughts and words affect the vibrations and should be part of the healing process. Let us speak affirmatively of the possiblilites of healing in the Gulf of Mexcico.  It is all made of God’s Light, on the deepest level.

And finally – a reminder that tomorrow is another healing prey webinar Join us if you can – or simply pray when you can…

Prayers for our Planet – Join us!

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2 Responses to “Gulf: Sealing Cap is On! Needs testing…”

  1. Nancy Cralle Says:

    This is really good news. I’m hoping and praying that the cap will work. Going to join you tomorrow for the Webinar. Love, Nancy

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