Report – first prayer webinar

Today at noon we had our first prayer webinar. Thank you Dharmadevi for getting us set up to do this! I was inspired to see that I felt the power of the group as we were united in spirit, and yet spread throughout the globe!

First I lead the group in a prayer visualization for the Gulf of Mexico. It was similar to what I have printed in an earlier blog here.

However, I felt the inspiration to linger longer on invoking Divine Mother’s grace and blessings on the area for a long time…It felt strong. Each time is different – so I try to stay attuned. Since we were online, I didn’t want to linger silently for too long while sending the blessings. But in the prayers, I felt Her compassion for the area and for the concerned people around the world.  Finally, I guided the group to also visualize people in the area turning to God in prayer, either singly or in prayer groups. We visualized these prayers as little beams of light reaching up to God from many souls…

Later, we took healing prayers  from the group (they could send them in right then, online.) It was wonderful to lead everyone together in prayers for individuals.

One woman in Belgium e-mailed me this right after the webinar:

Dear Mary,

… This was my first webinar, it was really uplifting. The healings were much stronger than when I’m doing them alone. Especially the one for the earth was really powerful.
I did not know my partner asked prayers for me. We were on separate computers. So it was a surprise to hear my name!  My partner and I are both on the path, last year you prayed for me too. The asthma was very severe that time. Now it is much better, but the weather is very hot and that gives me a hard time, both for the lungs and the chronic fatigue syndrome …You felt the right thing, my heart chakra gives me a lot of physical pain, too.  Also, the prayer to help me feel “whole”  touched me deeply.  I felt deep bliss and light during the healing, it was a very powerful experience. I’m full of gratitude.
Thank you so much
God bless you,
And this one from Sue Chadwick in Dallas, TX (she is the director of Ananda Dallas.)
It was so wonderful experiencing the webinar with you, Mary!  We will encourage others who are able to join us next Wednesday.
I hope you all can join us next week. It’s not too late to register. In the future we may experiment with other times., but for now the time is noon, PST.

Prayers for our Planet

Join Mary Kretzmann and your fellow Ananda Online Community members for an interactive webinar, where we will focus on sending prayers to our planet as well as any personal healing requests you might have.

This Webinar is held every week on Wednesday, from:
Jul 7, 2010 to Jul 28, 2010 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM PDT

Register Now at:

End of article.


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