More Prayers for the Gulf of Mexico

Dear Ones,

We are stepping up the prayers for the planet, and for the Gulf, in particular. For more on this, please see my previous post:

Prayers for our Planet – Join us!

Healing Prayers for the Planet Webinars being held every week on Wednesday, from: Jul 7, 2010 to Jul 28, 2010 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM PDT

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See it beautiful – just as it is in this current photo.  Hold the ideal of heavenly beauty being restored:

more photos here

I was leading a prayer class on Friday, two days ago, and this inspirational image came through strongly as we prayed for the Gulf:

See Divine Mother in beautiful form, high above the Gulf – radiating light down to the Gulf and the shoreline…in blessing and healing for the animals as for the humans…but also (very importantly) as a soul call – a divine magnet ready to receive people’s uplifted prayers and thoughts…

Part of what is needed for true healing,  is for people to turn to Her in Love and in faith – lifting their hearts above the material plane…and above fear and anguish…above complaining about what was, or might have been…And we step into the NOW of Her love, Light and Happiness…This could take some time – it is a big transformation!

A big part of these tests will be  this: Can we all turn our hearts minds up to God – in transformation?…These tests will continue as “schooling”  (and, of course, as stored mass karma) until we are transformed – but prayer groups can lead the way…

I was deeply inspired reading about the near death experience of Ned Dougherty in his book, Fast Lane to Heaven. His is one of the best I have seen on the subject. Of particular interest is the Lady of Light who showed him many future cataclysms for this planet. This all happened in 1984.

“I was told that the world could be saved, not by its leaders, but by prayer groups throughout the world. I was told that the prayers of a group of twenty could save a nation from war. I was told that the fate of mankind rested on our ability, individually and collectively, to change the direction of mankind in accordance with God’s plan.”

more here:

Ned Dougherty’s Near Death Experience Prophecies

More inspiration:

Prayer for the Gulf from Emoto

Author of Messages from Water


“Time and Space Do Not Exist”-

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita with Swami Kriyananda

(for the bigger picture!)

God bless you all!


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

5 Responses to “More Prayers for the Gulf of Mexico”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Thank you, Mary!
    I continue to join you in prayer and am telling others who may wish to join in prayer too.
    love, light, blessings and joy,

  2. marykretzmann Says:

    From a member in Portland, OR:

    Thank you Mary:
    This note is very helpful and could lead to more prayer work here.
    Joy Blessings,

  3. marykretzmann Says:

    Here is another prayer video from Dr. Emoto, sent to me by a member of the prayer group:

  4. Prayers with kids: Gulf of Mexico « Finding God in Your Family Says:

    […] More Prayers for the Gulf of Mexico – […]

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