Newsletter: June 310 Dwapara

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry Newsletter  June 310 Dwapara

Updated from an earlier post on “Prayers for the Ocean…

Recently we received a prayer request and a generous donation for “all of the sea animals in the Gulf who are affected by the oil spill.”  As I sat to pray for this concern, I found my mind and spirit drawn to an even bigger concern: the planet itself.

Paramhansa Yogananda said that natural calamities, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, are the result of the excessive build-up of negative thoughts and emotions around the world. These negative vibrations can be neutralized by healing prayers and by more people holding positive thoughts. The Blessed Mother Mary has appeared numerous times in the past century, exhorting people to pray in order to mitigate the wars and calamities that would otherwise visit the earth due to the natural laws of karma.

Even though the oil spill was not a natural calamity, it affects us in the same way. There is a sense of tragedy at the immensity of the problem, and the harm it can do.  I believe that mass karma also plays into the man-made disasters as well.  Years ago, I recall reading stories on how a few  nuclear power plant meltdowns had been prevented by the unlikeliest last-minute actions. It astonished those involved that it had worked. I could only conclude that guardian angels of the area had stepped in at that moment to make it right. I am serious.

Sometimes this angelic help is simply there, thank God!, and sometimes it needs to be invited back into our life here on this earth.  So, when we see such a big disaster as this oil spill, it seems part and parcel to what the world is going through right now. So – the natural calamities are the result of the negative thoughts, etc., as mentioned above.  Likewise, the lack of angelic intervention is caused by something very similar.  When enough of our life on this planet is mostly kind, innocent, pure-hearted  and child-like (not childish)  – that puts out a pure vibration that would invite angelic help that could stave off a disasters such as this.

So, in this spirit I invite you to pray for healing of this earth. Focus first at the spiritual eye. Feel God’s presence there, uplifting your mind at the point between the eyebrows. Think of the planet floating in space, see it surrounded in Light.  Thank God for His Presence in all beautiful things, big or small. Ask the angels to also surround the earth, showering blessings at this time. May this Light guide all receptive souls into greater goodness.  Then, from that vast standpoint, you can also ask specific ongoing healing and blessings on a particular world need, such as the Gulf, asking that Divine light bless and guide all those who are trying to remedy the situation. Hold this spirit in your heart and mind, and it will serve as a divine prayer magnet to help draw healing guidance to the situation. As of this writing, we are hoping and praying that the “plug” will work.

This spirit of prayer will be important during this time of continued testing of this earth.  Know that God is always there, even in the midst of crashing worlds. Feel Him with you always. Love

In Divine Love of God, Christ, Guru,

Mary Kretzmann
Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry, Nevada City, CA

“Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.” Luke 21:33

Many years ago, Nayaswami Kriyananda wrote the Channel Song because he felt that we need to love and bless the earth, seeing the divine form in the presence of mother nature.

Swami Kriyananda  introducing Channel  song Divine Healing video, 6/19/83

“Man, by ignoring the Divine in nature, is gradually closing up those channels. It’s like a spring: if you don’t keep flushing it out and using it, gradually it chokes up and dries up.

So, also, does the flow of the Divine in this world if we ignore it. If we don’t think of trees as being manifestations of God, and the grasses, and the rivers, and the stars, and everything, then the energy begins to withdraw. It’s like a person to whom you don’t give appreciation. Gradually he shuts off and he no longer gives you that which you might appreciate.

…The saints in India say that the reason that this planet is so erratic these days is that people have totally gotten so out of tune with the harmony of nature. That’s why we have so many floods, droughts, excessive cold, and so on…”

Swami’s Introduction to the song:

Beloved Father, Mother, God:
Through birds and trees,
Through gay, smiling flowers –
Through Nature’s windows everywhere –
Reveal to us Thy freedom and Thy joy!

Channel Song

Birds sing of freedom as they soar lightly on the air
So may our hearts soar high above all curbs and care.

Trees standing firm hold the secret of inner power
Give us when tested strength to endure.

Stars send a message of light through eternity
Lord when in darkness your radiance we see.

Mountains remote and still hint of higher worlds unseen
So may our lives be soaring and serene.

Rivers seek passage unhindered by rock or tree
So may our lives flow steadfast toward the sea.

Flowers so soft and fragile stay fragrant
Though pressed to the ground
May we thus learn forbearance for in kindness love is found.

Mother we thank you, your joy shines in everything!

Open these channels that the world once more may sing.


One Response to “Newsletter: June 310 Dwapara”

  1. marykretzmann Says:

    Received via e-mail to me:

    Oh thank you Mary. It feels very supportive receiving this email. Our Circle of Healing Prayer tomorrow morning is focusing on the Gulf of Mexico too.

    May our beautiful Mother Earth be held within the embrace of Divine Mother, Christ, Guru.



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