Divine Mother Healing Prayer – video

Paramhansa Yogananda taught several healing prayer techniques.  NayaSwami Kriyananda taught these to the Ananda Village community years ago. We are happy to offer this now to you, as it is a more tangible introduction than simply using the written word.  This video is basic, and yet complete enough to share with others, at your discretion.  But I probably wouldn’t send this to a confirmed skeptic. No use casting “pearls before swine” as Jesus said.

And, Paramhansa Yogananda said,

“Healing depends on the power of the healer, and the receptivity of the patient.”

Likewise, people are much more receptive to this video if they are already interested in spiritual healing, or if they are right now in some sort of prayer need, whether for themselves or for friends and family.  Suffering itself often tends to soften the heart, and the ego, and make one more open to the Divine.

God bless you all.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

This free e-booklet, Jesus Prayer Meditation, by Mary Kretzmann, offers much comfort and peace now in your time of need.

You might also enjoy: “Thou Art With Me” by Mary Kretzmann.  This free collection shows the inner meaning of some of the psalms, and other sacred prayers.

Gift of Peace – a short and beautiful online video on the peace of meditation. FREE

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3 Responses to “Divine Mother Healing Prayer – video”

  1. marykretzmann Says:

    From a member of the HPC:

    Dear Mary,
    Wonderful youtube. Your explanation was perfect – clear, succinct, deep, complete. And your sweet, centered, beautiful energy is lovely. Well done! Very powerful.

    Love and joy,

  2. Nancy Cralle Says:

    Very nice video, thank you. I love the medulla oblongata as the “mouth of God.”
    Love and blessings, Nancy

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