UPDATE: more on Sudha Singh

Dear Ones,

This update is so beautiful – I just have to pass it along…I was touched by the words of Divya’s father saying that he can feel the beautify and power of your prayers.

By the way – some of you like to get updates, and a few of you do not. So – from now on I will include the word: UPDATE in the title, and then you can feel free to ignore it.

God bless you all.

Mary Kretzmann
Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

PS – Earlier posts  on Sudha Singh here: https://healingprayers.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/good-news-on-sudha-singh/

Subject: Maa now in the ward 🙂

Dearest Great Souls,

Maa got shifted to the ward this afternoon. She had her first bit of
food – porridge apart from fresh juices and ice-creams. She has
started to walk since the last 2 days. She walks between her bed and
the toilet. She is very relieved to come out of the isolation into an
“open” ward where there are windows she can look out of….

I just spoke to my father who was in tears of gratitude and asked me
to convey his deepest gratitude to Swamiji (he calls him Guruji) and
to each and everyone of you. He does not know most of you but he said
he has felt your love and the power of your prayers in what he
explains as the moment of his lifetime
… he said that he has never
ever gone through something of this intensity in any sphere of his
life so far (he is 66yrs old).

We are bound in Thy Love 🙂

Aum Guru!


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