Good news on Sudha S.

Daer Ones,

This wonderful update just came in last night. Thank you all for your prayers.

God bless you .


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

Dear dear friends in God,

Finally Maa is out of danger!

Her body has been healing beautifully and continues to. No infection has touched her. There was never a need to administer any Steroids – the body has recuperated on its own strength brought about by all your wonderful and loving prayer energies. The fever ceased 3 days ago. Again, there were no abscess formation in any of the wounds.
I write all these details just to share how “faith is the most practical” way to be. Relative to the extent of the reaction she has healed much faster and amazingly positively.

She has started to walk and can sit on a chair by herself now. She is feeding on ice-cream and juices through her mouth and the rest is still through the nasal-stomach tube. She is ready to be shifted to a ward now, after three weeks of intensive care in isolation… thank God in all of you…she seemed to have crossed through an ocean of karma… she may now be required to be in the ward for another week or so until her body recovers strength enough to be discharged.
It truly has been a journey worth the while with grace and love so tangible – what people normally call a miracle!

Eternally grateful in His Love,

Jai Guru!

Here is the original prayer request, and the first update:

(Note – she had a setback after the update – above – but she seems much improved now.)



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