Prayers for Daniel O’Connell

Dear Ones,

I receive this prayer request from Nayaswami Miriam who serves in India as Swamiji’s nurse and part time secretary, along with Nayaswami Lakshman.

I first met Daniel O’Connell many years ago. His brother, Tony, and he moved to Ananda Assisi from Ireland. He must be in his late 50’s or early 60’s.

If people have updates, please post them in the comment section. That would be so helpful!

God bless you all.

Mary Kretzmann

Dear Ones,

A very dear friend and long time disciple/kriyaban, Daniel OConnell, is waiting for triple bypass surgery (date unknown). He has asked Swamiji for prayers and his condition is considered critical. Daniel lived in Ananda Assisi for several years and moved to Holland about 7 years ago with his wife, Yvonne and daughter, Anna. Daniel is the brother of Tony, who lives in Ananda Assisi now. Daniel’s daughter, Anna, is about 8 going on 9 years of age and he’s deeply grieved to think of leaving her. Pray that he’ll find courage and even joy as he faces this difficult and uncertain time.

in Master,



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