Sudha Singh – update

Dear Ones,

Below is a beautiful update from Divya on her mother, Sudha Singh.  (Her e-mail was also sent out to Ananda India). I have highlighted some points of inspiration.

The short story is the she seems vastly improved. Thank you for your prayers! (We also have her name on the regular prayer list).

God bless you all!


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

Dear brothers and sisters in God,

I bow to God, Gurus and to all of you in deep gratitude.

Today, the doctors think that Maa’s body is stable from any further toxic manifestations. Also her eyes remain secure. There is no more blood in her phlegm which indicates that most of her internal wounds are healing (no more raw). All her vital’s reports are steady. Her body has had fever until today morning and now that is also not there any more…her heart rate, therefore, which had reached 160 is slowly stabilizing and today is around 115-120. All other important indicators also seem to be normalizing. The doctors have not needed to administer any steroids which is really great.

There is dressing all over her face and her entire back and front…
And protection from any infection is of the highest concern and all precautions are being taken as of now. For the epidermal lining (skin) to heal back is a slow process it may take her another week or 10days in complete isolation, depending on how soon the body heals. I do feel a lining of a beautiful blue light around her entire body…it must be Guruji’s protection through all your loving prayers.

For the previous day and a half she was very anxious… Before which she has been amazingly calm and strong (which almost spoiled us)…today she is much calmer though…for which I have no explanation given what her body is going through… though I feel the presence of divine beings in her and around her For when I am barely murmuring AUM around her it feels as though many(16-30) others have joined in. It’s very very powerful…

There have been many other divine experiences through my other two sisters… or say messages from the divine which seem to tell us that she is being taken care of… I can’t enumerate all of them … all I want to say is that a profound feeling of the fathomless depth and vastness of ever-present and ever-accessible divine love is just ineffable… that through a critical mass of channels this energy can reach very very great potency…

It’s a week today…but it feels like lifetimes, more for all the wonderful divine learning and sensitivity to being human for all of us here.

I pray I remain eternally bound to each and every one of you in divine gratitude … like we, perhaps, are already…

Eternally grateful in God,
AUM Guru!

Original Prayer request and photos:


3 Responses to “Sudha Singh – update”

  1. Nancy Cralle Says:

    This is wonderful news. I am so happy for Sudha Singh and her family. I will continue praying for her, and know that she is being healed by Divine Mother.
    With much love and joy,

  2. chandi Says:

    Just received this today. Thank you I will pray for them. I didn’t receive the original message Thank you.


  3. chandi Says:

    Just receive this today. Thank you I will pray for them. I didn’t receive the original message Thank you.


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