Please pray for Sudha Singh

Dear Ones,

Please pray for Sudha Singh; India (I don’t have the city right now)

for healing of TEN – Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis” –a very serious, life threatening skin disease.

Also, Stanley McConner seems to be improving, and he will have another CAT scan soon to check on his progress. Many members at Ananda Village are praying for him, and we have him on our regular prayer list.

Thank you all for your prayers. These hot line prayers are a special avenue for healing grace. We will also put Sudha Singh on our regular prayer list – but timing is critical right now.

God bless you,

In Divine Love and Joy,

Mary Kretzmann

This latest e-mail was forwarded to us from Ananda India:

Dear All,

Maa (Sudha Singh) is still in a very, very, very critical state… though they now have a term for what she is going through (they say it is a condition called TEN) they seem to be able to do little to arrest it even yet …  in this condition her epidermal cells all start to die …. it is extremely serious because it is both external and internal ….

Yesterday they did a procedure by inserting a membrane in between her eye balls and eye lid to secure her eyes which was successful … but this morning she had high fever (103) and the condition has spread … she is now on an air bed …

I  really don’t know what all to write ….

She needs our prayers more than ever …

AUM Guru!

“With Swamiji holding the hands of my father and mother” (Divya has dark hair, wearing the dark top; her mother is in the turquoise sari.) )

First e-mail, sent to Ananda India on Monday:

Dear brothers and sisters in God,

My mother, Sudha Singh, has had to be taken to the hospital yesterday afternoon with a condition the doctors are unable to understand – all they seem to say is that she is very critical!

The symptoms are very very strange – It started with her eyes watering, itching with swelling, then swelling spread onto her face, then red blistering started to occur externally and internally which has now led to her top skin layer seemingly peeling off and bleeding in places where it is very severe … ALL this in a matter of 24 hours… she is in great pain and her body is very delicate and fragile right now.

No one is able to figure it out and therefore seem to be unable to arrest the situation….

Please add your prayers to ours to relieve this dear soul of whatever it is that she is having to go through …


Jai Guru!

3 Responses to “Please pray for Sudha Singh”

  1. Nenita Says:

    wow this is great. thanks for posting. i really like reading this.
    looking forward for more post. also try this:
    Soul Healing

  2. shivani sachdeva Says:

    praying for divyas mom…… hope she gets well soon

  3. marykretzmann Says:


    Dear All,

    Maa’s condition continues to be extremely critical as of now… there really is no way to say when the reaction will cease … it’s a matter of time sure, but no one can tell when…

    It is God’s grace that she is in the best of hands – all the doctors seem to be very very nice and humble always aware that a greater power works through them and they seriously believe in the ultimate power of God’s grace through prayers. They seem to be doing their best.

    Yesterday the plastic surgeon has secured all the bared areas (entire face, and full back) so far… her eyes are secure… her breathing was a little stressed but she is still not on ventilator support … she is fighting hard… i’m so proud of her…….

    It IS all the love and light pouring into her through all your prayers which seems to have kept her vitals secure so far …. the doctors keep their hopes high only because of this … they think it is surely a sign of grace … she seems to have the strength, they say, to be enduring a state like this and she is fighting bravely… though we haven’t really told her what she is going through …

    I have no words to express my gratitude… i feel … i really feel all your love … God’s love … through all your love … it is so powerful…. very powerful…

    Eternally grateful in God,
    Aum Guru!

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