Evidence of the Yugas?

Giant Femur

Giant human skeleton

Giant Human Skeleton

Huge fossilized tire???

Under the Sea

These were too good to keep to myself. They look to me like further evidence of the reality of the Yugas.  My personal favorite is the huge fossilized tire…

More below including finding human footprints along with dinosaur tracks. This would match some of the things that Paramhansa Yogananda said – regarding how long man has been on this planet. For a good, short article on the yugas: click here.


Mary Kretzmann

For lots more pictures, stories and background information, click on the links, below.

“…Some of the human footprints have been found right next to those of a dinosaur. One was even found inside the animal track! The relatively soft limestone rock is subject to rapid weathering from exposure. The human tracks are shallow and look like a footprint made in mud or wet cement. Because of this the details of the human prints are lost within days of the time of exposure.

I knew that the human footprints, found side by side with dinosaur tracks, if genuine, destroyed the theory of evolution all by themselves. Still, I wanted to see for myself…”

See agoracosmopolitan.com




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