UPDATE: Sabari

Dear Friends,
Sabari’s surgery yesterday went so well.  The surgeon was really pleased that the knee cap bone had such clean breaks that it tied together well for a perfect fit. The doctor actually gave her a choice once she left the recovery room to either stay or go home. She felt well enough to go home by evening. Sabari is thrilled to have her knee back together again, and she will be resting the rest of the day.    She wants you to know how much she appreciates with all her heart your prayers, energy, and love you have been sending to her. She is so happy and thankful for everything!   Let’s continue to see her full of Light throughout her recovery period!!

Many Blessings,

Victoria for the Healing Ministry

Ananda, Rancho Cordova, CA

Dear Ones, (This note came in from Victoria who heads up the prayer ministry at the community in Rancho Cordova.  It is an update on this post: Sabari Clark – healing for her knee.

God bless you, and thank you for your prayers!


Mary Kretzmann

PS – The season Lent is with us, I am offering here some articles I prepared last year:

Finding God in Your Family


and a  free e-book (I hope to add more stories to it this year…)

Stories of Christ, By Timothy and Mary Kretzmann


One Response to “UPDATE: Sabari”

  1. Barbara Bingham Says:

    Great news!! Thank you for the update! Aummmm.

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