Sabari – healing for her knee

Dear Ones – I received this message today from Victoria who directs the healing prayer at Ananda in Rancho Cordova, CA. (I will ask her to post updates in the comment section, below…)

God bless you!


Mary  Kretzmann

Dear Friends,
This morning getting out of the pool at the Swimstitute, Sabari Clark slipped and fell on her left knee. She fell directly on it, and after the ambulance ride and all the x-rays, it was determined that her knee cap is split into 3 pieces!
She is doing amazingly well, and has been through the whole ordeal (even before the pain medication)! Raghu is with her at Kaiser Hospital on Morse in Sacramento. At this point they know that surgery is needed, but they don’t know quite when. They may pack her leg and have her come in next week after the swelling goes down. We are awaiting the word from the orthopedic surgeon.
At this time please send your healing prayers to her surrounding her in love and healing light. Directly send her energy from your 3rd eye to hers. Also, send healing energy to her left knee cap as you chant AUM
I will keep you posted. Thank you so much for your prayers.
Victoria for the Healing Ministry,Ananda Sacramento


2 Responses to “Sabari – healing for her knee”

  1. Gordana Says:

    He is in my prayers!

  2. Barbara Bingham Says:

    She is in my prayers!

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