Abram G. – back in Hawaii

Dear Ones,

Some of you have seen this already – but I want all of you to read this wonderful update on Abram’s progress thus far. Thank you all for your prayers.

God bless.

Joy to you,


Mary Kretzmann

Sent: Sun 1/24/2010 9:01 PM

Subject: “Footnote”

Dear Family and Friends,

Ann, Kiya, Abram and I all arrived on the Big Island Friday
afternoon and are so happy to be home. The biopsy on the foot showed more
than adequate “margins” which is to say we have every hope that this chapter
is now behind us.

We were gone just over two weeks and Abram’s homecoming was
sweet beyond words with a welcome home banner for him, lovely meal and
desserts shared with friends. He is doing incredibly well and without too
much pain – and he’s got some pretty good drugs when it is painful! Someone
who hadn’t met him before was at the dinner and said they never would have
guessed it could be something that had just happened to him. He looks great,
is remarkably present and pretty much the same as always albeit not quite as
mobile. We’re still learning about the process but is seems that after
several weeks of healing, he can begin to be fitted with a prosthesis.

We are well past the worst, and feeling an amazing relief at
having survived some very dark days. The incredible support we felt at
every turn was humbling and a great reminder of how much a little kindness
can mean to someone in need. To all of you who have shared this rocky road
with us we send our love, friendship and an invitation to visit us in Hawaii
if you ever get the chance!

Much love and aloha from all of us,

Michael, Ann, Kiya and Abram

P.S. this picture was taken just after landing in Hilo

Michael Gornik

15-2662 Pahoa Village Road

Suite 306 PMB 8740

Pahoa, HI 96778

888 478-2685 fax


4 Responses to “Abram G. – back in Hawaii”

  1. Yasoda Says:

    Dear Friends.

    We hold you in our hearts and prayers. Your picture is beautiful. You have all been such an inspiration. I just wanted to send our love and let you know we love you all.

  2. Hatha McDivitt Says:

    This is such wonderful news! I’ve been keeping you all in my heart and am so glad that things are going well. Lots of love to the whole family!

  3. Maria W. Says:

    What wonderful news. You are an amazing family. God bless you all.

  4. Karen Knox Says:

    Dear Ones,
    Thank you for sharing news of Abrams progress. You are in our thoughts and prayers each day.
    Love Karen

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