Abram G. post-surgery, Turmeric Tea, more…

Dear Prayer Group,

I’ve combined a few items here in one post, because this also goes out by e-mail…so I wanted to keep it all in one mailing!

Below is a quick note from the Gornik family – I apologize that I did not get it out sooner! Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep Abram on your personal prayer list for as long as you feel called to do so, and we will also keep him on our regular healing prayer list for his time of recovery and adjustment.


Saturday Morning

Dear Friends,

A quick note to let you all know the surgery went just fine. Abram had physical therapy this morning and we may even get out of the hospital tomorrow – we are all looking forward to being home again soon!


The Gorniks

Living with Spirit: On a separate topic, I wrote a short blog today about the many opportunities at Ananda for young adults, including our Living with Spirit program.

Details here: “Young Folks at Ananda


Turmeric: And finally, I thought many of you might want to know more about the healing benefits of turmeric.  Here is a link to an article:

Turmeric May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases

An ancient remedy may enliven your brain as well as your food

The link above has lots of helpful information. And here is my easy recipe for a small cup of turmeric tea.  It uses 1 Tsp of turmeric, which I’ve heard is the amount you need daily to prevent Alzheimer’s and other conditions. I like to use an espresso cup – which is about 1/3 cup or 5 TABL.  I’d rather do this than make a full cup of tea.

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

small amount of honey

hot water

add milk to taste

Take care of your health and you take care of your mind, as well.  Some research came out a few years ago that showed that Alzheimer’s might be a form of diabetes in the brain.  Interestingly, turmeric is also very helpful to stabilize blood sugar.  Of course, if you are diabetic, and especially if you are insulin dependent, consult with your doctor before making radical changes in your care.  The advice given here is primarily meant to support long-term health.  It can also be used to reverse serious illness – but that should be done carefully, and with supervision.

God bless you all.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Healing with Divine Energy blog


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